• TransWISH ’s Leader Successfully Speak on “Trainer Certification In The Era of Industry 4.0” at Motivator Academy Gathering

    TransWISH ’s Leader Successfully Speak on “Trainer Certification In The Era of Industry 4.0” at Motivator Academy Gathering

    TransWISH ’s Leader Successfully Speak on “Trainer Certification In The Era of Industry 4.0” at Motivator Academy Gathering

     TransWISH Indonesia’s Leader Mr. Luki Tantra successfully gave a speech and explanation at Motivator Academy gathering in Jakarta. Trainer is one of surviving jobs in Industry 4.0. Training Certification is a subject matter to Trainer. This is including Trainer in Communities such as Motivator Academy.


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    TransWISH Indonesia (www.transwishindonesia.com) announces that Mr. Luki Tantra, Leader of TransWISH Indonesia has present and successfully speak at Motivator Academy‘s gathering in Jakarta, Indonesia. In this meeting, Mr. Luki Tantra informs updates about Trainer Certification in the Industrial Era 4.0.

    Motivator Academy’s third gathering held on March 30th 2019 on Hotel 88, west Jakarta, Indonesia.


    Other famous speakers also invited to cover various topics. There are 7 Famous Speakers / Trainers / Motivators and great in their fields who perform besde Mr. Luki Tantra. They are Mr. Ongky Hojanto, Mr. Dasep Suryanto, Mrs. Elke M. Rompis, Mr. Dedi Rosadi, Mr. Deny Hen, Mr. Wasito Adi and Ms. Adhe Riatin as Master of Ceremony (MC).


    Various Topics covered including Leadership, Teaching with Hearts, NLP for Success Trainer, Element to Self Upgrade, Effective Leadership Communication, etc.


    This event also attended by trainers, MC and motivators; Coming from all background and expertise.


    Besides titled as TransWISH’s Leader, Mr. Luki Tantra is a former Chairman of the Transafe Learning Center Competency Assessment (TUK) for “LSP Migas Cepu” and “LSP K3 ICCOSH”.


    He is currently the Chair of the TUK Transafe Learning Center for Indonesian Competent Instructor (LSP IKI) and Prospective Two-Period Chairpersons of LSP Transafe Indonesia.


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    The Speech

    Mr. Luki Tantra said on the speech that: At the upcoming globalization and Industry 4.0 competence certificate is needed by any profession. In Indonesia, the closest is ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). Without any competence certificate, Indonesian workers, including trainers can be easily overthrown by foreign workers.


    In his speech, Mr. Luki mention quotes that 4.0 Industrial Revolution Will Make 75 Million To 375 Million Missing Jobs. He also quotes that McKinsey report predicted that 800 million jobs would be lost to automation by 2030. Some might think that these jobs are low-skilled jobs.

    In the other hand, the Industry Must Improve and Increase Its Capacity to Keep Existing and Able to Compete. One of the important components that must also be addressed in the industrial revolution is the capacity of its workers.

    Improvement of Workers’ Capacity Starting From Professional Certification That Can Increase Labor Competitiveness

    In this event also established cooperation between TransWISH Indonesia and Motivator Academy. Motivator Academy group member whom present at the event and wanted to take Training of Trainer with BNSP certificate can have a special deal. Mr. Luki Tantra allow all present members to register and get discount voucher valued from IDR 1.000.000 to IDR 2.000.000.



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    About TransWISH Indonesia

    Transwish Indonesia Is A Division Of PT. Transafe Dharma Persada Specialize In Training For Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP, Soft Skill Training And People Development Program. People Development Programs Included In The Service Are Leadership Skill, Management Skill, Professional Skill, Consulting, Certification And Team Building (Http://Www.Transwishindonesia.Com)


    About Motivator Academy

    Motivator Academy is a Training Institute founded by Mr. Ongky Hojanto, a famous Inspirator in Indonesia.

    With the aim of producing professional trainers who can provide education to the Indonesian people in terms of: Business, Public Speaking, Sales and Property.

    “Motivator Academy” fills the need for soft skills that are not obtained at the school level and at the same time answers that there is so much training that is empowered and carried out by proven standards of Motivators, Inspirator and Educators.



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