• TransWISH Indonesia Joins Safety Alliance

    TransWISH Indonesia Joins Safety Alliance

    TransWISH Indonesia Joins Safety Alliance

    TransWISH Indonesia acquired Approved International Member from Safety Alliance today. As the Initial members from Indonesia, TransWISH Indonesia featured on Safety Alliance International member page along with other respected organizations in their countries.


    This membership approval is aligned with TransWISH Indonesia’s aim to give better service to our client. By joining the organization, TransWISH ensure more health and safety applied on all of our training.

    Up until today, TransWISH Indonesia conducted training with Health and Safety aspect daily. Following its parent company Transafe Indonesia, TransWISH Indonesia always initializes its training with safety induction.


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    The last two years, TransWISH Indonesia certifies its trainers with BNSP certification. Training for trainer with BNSP certification (training for trainer sertifikasi BNSP) has a competence unit that concern in Health and Safety in Training. Thus make most of our trainers aware and concern about the safety in the workplace / training class as well.

    Some of our trainers also capable to conduct Risk Assessment for training venue before conduct training. Yes, even we are only conduct soft skill training and people development programs; And Not safety trainings.

    TransWISH Indonesia also aid certification for Transafe Indonesia’s trainer. TransWISH Indonesia conduct more than 100 classes last year with Health and Safety Aspect fulfilled and zero accident during training.


    TranswiSh Indonesia joins safety alliance

    Safety Alliance Logo

    With this membership, We look forward to further implementing safety / K3 in the training (according to BNSP Training Scheme we always held) and can help more clients soft skill training and people development program safely

    Mr. David Wessin, CEO/Founder of Safety Alliance mentioned in his email that they are equally excited to have TransWISH Indonesia as their first members in Indonesia. He also encourage any of TransWISH Indonesia’s clients to also do the same and help them expand their international page with as many safety, health, risk and other professionals as possible.

    Mr. Luki Tantra, TransWISH Indonesia senior trainer and project leader for this membership acquisition said that he is grateful that the project to aid TransWISH Indonesia’s Vision and Mission in 2018. He is glad that the program starts to show results. He hopes that this small step of achievement will continue with another steps and achievements.

    sertifikat International Membership TransWISH Indonesia - Safety Alliance


    The featured web page can be seen here


    About TransWISH Indonesia

    TransWISH Indonesia is a division of PT. Transafe Dharma Persada which specializes in training for trainer sertifikasi BNSP, Soft Skill training and People Development Program. People Development Programs Included in the service is training of trainer, Leadership Skill, Management Skill, Professional Skill, Consulting, Certification and Team Building (http://www.transwishindonesia.com)


    About Safety Alliance

    The Safety Alliance for Excellence – SAFE was established in Miami as a resource for safety, health and risk professionals to work together with OSHA, attorneys, universities & colleges, safety vendors and others who support our efforts to develop “Best Practices” for improving workplace safety. SAFE membership held monthly meetings offer participants the opportunity to network with others who are dedicated to safety.


    For more information, please contact TransWISH Indonesia Business Development at:

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    Jl. MT Haryono Kav 17
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