• Transafe Indonesia Successfully Conduct Train the New Trainer (TNT) for Internal Trainers

    Transafe Indonesia Successfully Conduct Train the New Trainer (TNT) for Internal Trainers

    Transafe Indonesia Successfully Conduct Train the New Trainer (TNT) for Internal Trainers

    Train the New Trainer (TNT)  Successfully Conducted by Transafe Indonesia  for their Internal Trainers

    Transafe Indonesia successfully conducts Train the New Trainer course yesterday. This training is attended by 4 new and prospect personnel from training & operation department. The training is facilitated by TransWISH Indonesia.

    Open the Train the New Trainer (TNT) program is Mr. Undi Sutrisno, Transafe Indonesia’s Training & Operation Manager. Assigned Trainer from TransWISH is Mr. Luki Tantra, Senior trainer at TransWISH Indonesia


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    As a Health safety Environment Quality (HSEQ) training consulting and certification provider, Transafe Indonesia understands the need of internal trainer regeneration programmer. There are some benefits of utilizing internal training for trainer program.  According to SkillPath, There are


    • Build self-confidence of the trainer by allowing them to take on a new or expanded role
    • Help trainers feel comfortable managing touch topics
    • Ensure the trainer effectively communicates key messages related to course material
    • Put the training into the context of the organization and improve the relevancy
    • Ensure trainers understand and utilize interactive/experiential delivery techniques properly
    • Use an internal resource to train other employees and can help form new alliances and teams
    • Help employees feel more comfortable in sharing
    • Improve employee retention by allowing them to feel like an important part of the organization


    On the business side, develop and improve trainers internally have another advantages. The advantages including higher loyalty and lower trainer cost.

    As a basic tool for trainer, Train the New Trainer (TNT) program is designated for new trainers (or will be appointed as trainers). It will be a good benefit if these trainers are willing to take the next step to be certified trainer by the Ministry or by Indonesian Profession Certification Body (IPCB/ BNSP).

    Train the New Trainer - Luki tantra

    Train the New Trainer Transafe Indonesia training event By TransWISH Indonesia


    Train The New Trainer - Luki Tantra

    Train the New Trainer Transafe Indonesia training event By TransWISH Indonesia



    The training in this Train the New Trainer (TNT) program included

    • How to make good opening
    • How to make an effective training material in 10 minutes or less
    • How to make a great closing
    • How to handle difficult participant
    • Good Gesture in training
    • Etc, you can see more here



    Contact us for more information about Train the New Trainer (TNT) program


    The 4 internal trainers took Train the New Trainer (TNT) program is:

    1. Yoga Pratama
    2. Hardih Airkaya Lumelle
    3. Bondan Haryanto
    4. Pratama Jaya

    Tale of the Tape of Train the New Trainer participants

    To increase the training atmosphere, TransWISH Indonesia hold the best training participant for this event. An exclusive prize is provided.

    Mr. Yoga is Petroleum Engineering faculty alumni. He graduated from Transafe Indonesia’s Talent Development Program SIX. In this program, he is also named best participant. Assigned for training operation assistant at a mining Occupational Health and Safety System. At that project, he is assigned for 8 weeks to increase the knowledge of the program.

    Mr. Yoga was mentored by Mr. Luki. He previously delivering basic safety training at Rumah KAFT, Jakarta.

    Mr. Hardih graduated from the first Transafe Indonesia’s People Development Program: Lead The Champion. Started from General Affair before transferred to Training & Operations Department last year. Has various experience as training operation assistant with Transafe Indonesia all over Indonesia including remote area in Sulawesi.

    Almost alike Mr. Yoga, Mr. Bondan also a petroleum engineering graduate and join in Talent Development Program SIX. Has an extensive working experience in a H2S safety equipment company before. His previous experience is engaged on a emergency H2S situation. His knowledge and experience will ensure he is the master of the subject.

    Mr. Pratama is the only person coming from General affair department. With huge passion he strive between other friends. Excel in training assist in Transafe outdoor and field practical training. He try to compete and deliver the best he can do.


    Best participants at Train the New Trainer program

    All participants give the best what they can to learn as much from Mr. Luki.

    In the end, it is the final micro teaching performance program will divide the best participant.

    Titled best participant for this Train the New Trainer (TNT) program is Mr. Hardih Airkaya Lumelle. Champion gift is handled directly by Mr. Undi Sutrisno.

    Runner Up for this training is Mr. Yoga followed by Mr. Bondan in Third place and Pratama in Fourth place.

    On a separate interview, Mr. Undi Said that this program is very good to improve his staff’s knowledge and capability.


    Train the New Trainer - TransWISH Indonesia

    Best participant Gift given by Mr. Undi Sutrisno at Training for The New Trainer event


    Congratulations for You!