• Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program

    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program

    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program

    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program Nov 2016


    Transafe Indonesia’s Talent Development Program Nov 2016 successfully conducted by TransWISH Indonesia.

    Talent Development Program is not the program involving recruitment and HR Department program. Transafe Indonesia’s Talent Development Program Nov 2016 has the basic idea as the previous People Development Program. It is developing current new recruits and less than 3 months employees in an extensive event for the whole week.

    In this event they will be titled as “talents”.

    The difference will be felt by participants who passed the previous events. In this event they are given a slot to “teach”. They must share their experience and knowledge. This will not just develop the new talents with new knowledge. But also new talents develop the veterans.



    This current event themed: “We Are Amazing Team”. The event was held from Oct 31st – Nov 4th 2016 on Transafe Indonesia’s office and training centers.

    On the first day Mr. Dony Budidharma open the program. Mr. Dony Budidharma currently the director of PT. Transafe Dharma Persada / Transafe Indonesia (www.transafepersada.com).

    In his speech he said that this is Transafe Indonesia’s sixth event for developing employees/people inside Transafe Indonesia. This year they called it Talent Development Program, to focus more on the talent. These talents are prepared for current company’s goal in 2017 and the next company’s grand strategy 2018-2025.

    Participants from Head Office Jakarta are Ms. Vina Rieza from Business Development department; Ms. Qory Arin Rettasari from Finance Department and Ms. Tehrizka Tambihan (Tere) from Marketing department. Three Participants are coming from Operations department. They are Ms. Adesukma Prabawathi, Training operations Admin; Mr. Bondan Haryono and Mr. Yoga Pratama, both are training operations staff. From Batam Branch, it is Mr. Bernardus Besta Heryoga from Training and Operations Batam office.

    Trainers for this program come from Transafe Indonesia’s staff and leaders.

    Participating Leaders as trainer in this program are Mr. Dony Budidharma, Transafe Dharma Persada Director; Mrs. Sri Astuti, Transafe Indonesia’s Marketing Manager; Mr. Undi Sutrisno, Transafe Indonesia’s Training & Operation Manager; And for the first time in Transafe Indonesia’s employee development history: Mrs. Ryska Carolina Nababan, Batam Branch Manager.

    Also involve as trainer for this event is Mr. Luki Tantra, TransWISH Indonesia’s senior trainer.

    Existent employees involved in giving training materials are Mr. Pratama Jaya, Ms. Lasaila Arifiani, Ms. Amalia Nur Azizah, Mr. Fernando Hardih Airkaya Lumelle and Ms. Nurul Yusniawati,


    This is an online report for Transafe Indonesia’s Talent Development Program 2016. To download report in PDF you can find the link in the last part of this note


    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program Day One.

    Mr. Undi opens the program with safety induction to the new talents. This is done especially for the new recruits and those who come from another city and is their first time there.

    After Mr. Dony open the program, this event continued with Mr. Dony’s Soul of Transafe subject. It is continued with his famous SWOT program. On this SWOT Topic, all participants are instructed to analyze their SWOT to understand their talent and unleashed their potential. All participants also have to know their team member’s SWOT to understand how to work together as team better.

    After second coffee break, Mr. Luki Tantra is leading the class with the newly introduced topics on this season: Attitude Risk Management. First, for the opening he took all participants to do the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (PPAP By Piko Taro) dance.

    Next, participants are gathered to make team’s name, its special yells and appoint team captain.

    Team captain for this season is Ms. Adesukma from Jakarta. She defeats Mr. Yoga Pratama with 1 vote point. Team name for this season is Team Serumpun Bambu. Serumpun Bambu (a pack of living bamboo sticks) symbolized that they are useful and strong if they are alone but they will be stronger when together.

    There were stories all over disaster news in Indonesia, that there are “serumpun bambu” that can stand after an earthquake, flood, landslides and a tall tsunami. Even after all other big trees have fallen.

    Attitude Risk Management gives knowledge to participants to differ how to be a good and bad team member. Also what attitudes can bring themselves or the company down as well as how to mitigate the attitude?


    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program Day Two.

    Second day started with all participants completing task and homework from Mr. Luki and Mr. Dony’s class the day before.

    On the first Session, Mr. Hardih gives knowledge on Basic Safety Awareness / Dasar K3 topic.  Safety is a must to prevent workplace accident. Because accident does not happen on the field only, but accident can be happened at the office, on the trip to and from office and so on. Giving this topic to their employee is a way to raise their awareness to protect themselves from accidents.

    After that Ms. Amalia Nur Azizah / Amel lead the Effective Administration Skill topic. This topic is essential for all Transafe Indonesia’s staff. All the administration in the company is related. So if someone or some department’s administration is incomplete or even horrible. Other department will suffer from it too.

    Next Topic is another topic introduce specially in this season: Champion Mentality by Mrs. Sri Astuti. This topic reaps the deepest secret off every participant. This also made some of the participants to weep to flush away their mental block they kept for years.

    This day is closed by Mr. Dony’s Time Management session. This topic is extremely needed for every employee. With knowledge and skill for time management, employee can be more productive in their work. In the same time, they will deliver quality results of their work. They also minimize waste time on their daily job.


    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program Day Three.

    Day Three, the fun escalates at Ms Nurul Yusniawati/Nia’s session: Personal Appearance. As graduates from Public Relations major, she delivers all she has for making the talents to look better in their personal appearance.

    Nope, we don’t have to be a photo model or a cover boy or girls; We don’t need to have plastic surgery, full makeup artist or expensive clothes to look good. In contrary, that thing can ruin our personal appearance if it does not apply correctly.

    Ms. Nia include the proper body language, how to make a better ties for men and some tutorial hijab for the ladies in this topic.

    Ms. Vina and Mr. Yoga acquire present from the trainer for their activity in the class.

    After break, it is Ms. Lasaila’s class: Excellent Customer Service. In this two hours session, all participants were taught and sharing on becoming a good customer service.

    NO, that is not a responsibility of a job. It is for every job.

    A customer is everyone who needs our service. It is not just client outside our company, customer also including our fellow employees inside our company.

    Ms. Lasaila also shares on how to handle complaints or angry client. Not just for marketing staff, but also as operations staff who always in contact with clients.

    This session will empower Transafe Indonesia’s staff to deliver better customer service to everybody.


    Wait, you DO know that we are nominated for “The best service company of the year 2016” right?


    After Lunch, next is Mr. Dony’s 5W1H session. 5w1H is a skill to analyze the What, Why, Who, When, Where and How of every situation. By mastering this skill, the participants can detect and react correctly on every situation. For Marketing, this skill can make them understand the client’s need better.

    By mastering this skill, their training operations staff can deliver better training program, while other department can significantly increase their performance.

    After the second break, it is Mr. Undi’s Team Work session. After a small theory, he diligently combined the program with the second season’s program “All About Operations” session. He practice is by making all participants to be involved in preparation for next day training.

    There were 7 (seven) training on Thursday. One of them was conducted for Pertamina PHE’s HSE Managers. To speed up the training preparation, all participants must work as a team to prepare everything from training materials, handouts, souvenirs, meal arrangements for all training scheduled Thursday.

    The preparations take up to overtime and Mr. Undi should conduct the closing briefing under hand phone’s flashlights and screen lights.


    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program Day Four.


    Day four started at dawn with a trip to Gatot Kaca 2 Lakespra, one of Transafe Indonesia’s training centers.

    Here, the team started by cleaning the training centers including the classroom, the warehouse and the yard. This must be done before 07.30 AM to let the designated operation staff to prepare the class for the training.

    At 08.00 all participants arrived and ready at the classroom at Transafe Indonesia’s office.

    Mrs. Ryska Nababan has stand in the class waiting for participant to make the next session: Amazing Communication Skill and Character Building.

    Communication skill is highly needed in the current employment era. If we look at this World Economic Forum

    World Economic Forum Index - Transafe Indonesia

    We can see there that communication will be the basic for negotiation, coordination with others and people management. All the top 10 skills needed in 2020.

    While character building helps not just for Judgment and decision making, as well as people management, Coordination and keeping the emotional intelligence.

    After that, the entire participant faced with another challenge.

    The challenge today is “Rush Hour”. Participant must take lunch order from all crew; Buy them in limited time in lunch time rush hour. Some additional challenge is some of the food they have to processes the food themselves while singing and dancing; other orders require them to negotiate with food stall and other people to prioritize them on the process. Another food order requires them to ride to specific food stall with specific order of scallion, fried onion, sambal, and amount of dumplings.

    Remember, this is called Rush Hour because this is the time where all employees from all buildings around also go out to lunch. Queue happens in every food stall and restaurants around Transafe Indonesia’s office.

    Some of the participants have worn out from cleaning the training centre, plus now they have to run like hell to fulfill all orders. The point is they have to practice their entire lesson until now. The Team work; the time management: the communication skill: the attitude: understanding their friends SWOT, analyze the 5W1H and customer service skill while keeping their look as professional.

    After finishing challenge and Lunch time. There is the game “Question Mark

    This game is also introduced first in this season.

     Transafe Indonesia-Training Development Program

    Transafe Indonesia-Training Development Program

     Transafe Indonesia-Training Development Programtdp trainers 9

    Transafe Indonesia-Training Development Program

    For the next two hours, all participants must answer questions that need their creative thinking, their cognitive flexibility, their judgment and decision making styles, as well as complex problem solving and Critical Thinking.


    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program Day Five.


    Fifth day started a bit slow.

    When participants come to the office at 6, they have to take the Amazing Race for Amazing Team Challenge.

    They have to take pictures in designated place requested by Mr. Dony. Including pictures with security guards, building maintenance and picture while conduct their yells on the parking lot. At that time, parking lot is started to pack with Wisma Pede’s Employee who stop to see them in action.


    Next Session is the Mini team Building game. Mrs. Ryzka, Mr. Undi and Mr. Luki lead the session in this program.

    Sadly, due to their late finishing the last tasks correctly and get lost, time for mini team building is wasted. With only 2 hours remaining time, they must finish all challenge in mini team building session.

    Games played are Pinokio Rope, Lord of The Ring, Sponge Bob, and Tower of our Souls.

    Sadly, none of the challenge is completed. On the Lord of The Ring challenge, they failed and dropped the ring to the ground. That cost them a member’s ripped pants and failed to acquire cash money from Mr. Luki.

    At the Tower of Our Soul game, they requested three extra try but none of them completed. All participants get wet and dirty.

    Mini team Building Transafe Indonesia

    Mini team Building Transafe INdonesia

    Mini team Building Transafe Indonesia

    Mini team Building Transafe Indonesia

    Mini team Building Transafe Indonesiatdp2

    Mini team Building Transafe Indonesia


    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program Closing Event

    At the closing, best participant and best trainer title is announced. For this year the prize money increases amazingly to IDR 1 Million for both titles.

    Mr. Luki brings this voting and title awarding event like in an “Indonesian idol” ambience.

    For the best trainer, Ms. Lasaila is voted as best trainer from all the participants. She wiped out Mr. Pratama Jaya for no show because of assist training. She also wiped out Mr. Hardih and Ms. Amel on the first round. At the finals, she defeats Ms. Nia with one vote difference.

    Very close, right?

    After two years in a row Training operations department holds this title, she brings the best trainer title back to the Marketing department side.


    Lasaila Arifiani wins the best Trainer for Talent Development Program 2016

    Next:  The best participant title. The title every participant waits the whole week. Whoever wins this will be very proud.

    A little about this title, the first two season was won by marketing department Jakarta; the third and fourth season was wipe out by training and operations department. The fifth season, Transafe Batam take all in all, both two best participants titles back to Batam.

    Who will win this year? Would it be the finance department? Or would that be Business and Development? Will it stay in Batam? Or title will be back to Jakarta?. If you are as excited as me, continue to read below

    On the first round, Ms. Vina and Ms. Qory eliminated at the same time with minimum voters. On the second round, Batam’s Mr. Bernard and Ms. Ade from Training Operation Jakarta are wiped out and shall not pass to the next round.

    As leader of the Training operations department, Mr Undi Sutrisno is very proud that his team won and make “All Operation Finals” session

    At Final, Mr. Yoga Pratama defeats Mr. Bondan with two votes ahead.


    Mr. Yoga Pratama titled The Best participant for Talent Development Program 2016

    The ceremony is closed at 8.30 after dinner together

    Once again: Congratulation to all title winners. We hope you can be a great entity for your team in the next future



    Like introduced on the previous Transafe Indonesia’s People Development Program, There is another follow up task after program. The task is to bring the participant’s mother/father to dine together. This task remind all participant that whatever their position now, how smart they are, how strong they are, how fast they are, they are raised by a family. Father, Mother, These people must be respected and honored because they raising us. Once a while, they must be spoiled and treated well.