• Training of trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta May 2019

    Training of trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta May 2019

    Training of trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta May 2019

    Training of Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta

    May 2019


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    Once Again, TransWISH Indonesia successfully conducted Training of trainer Sertifikasi BNSP at Jakarta. This training is conducted as a Public Training. This training conducted with BNSP certification (Training of trainer Sertifikasi BNSP sertifikasi BNSP). The event was conducted at V Hotel Jakarta. Training and certification conducted from May 15-17th 2019.

    Trainer for this event is ours Truly, Ms. Hanan Farhana Transwish, our In House Instructor from STAR program; Mrs. Etria Fatrina, our “TRIIDENT” program graduate is their training assistant for this Training of trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta. Pre Assessment lead by assessor assigned by LSP, Mr. Choise, LSP’s senior assessor.

    From LSP BNSP, Appointed Master Asesor for assessment session is Ms. Etty.

    The certification process started on May 16th with a refresh session. Different from our latest Training of trainer Sertifikasi BNSP, many participants are coming from an Industrial background. Only one participant comes from an education/ training background.


    Training of Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta-transwish


    The first group is coming from a Well-known state-owned construction company.

    Established on January 1, 1961, The company is one of the leading state companies in Indonesia which plays a major role in the development of the country. Originated from a Dutch company named “Volker Aannemings Maatschappij N.V.”, which was expropriated under the Government’s Decree No.62/1961, The company initially participated in the water-related developments including reclamation, dredging, harbor, and irrigation.

    Ever since 1973, however, the legal status of the company has changed to “Persero”, with a more familiar summon “Waskita”. From then on, the company started to expand its business as a general contractor engaging in a wider range of construction activities including highways, bridges, ports, airports, buildings, sewerage plants, cement plants, factories, and other industrial facilities.

    In 1980, The company started to undertake a wide variety of projects involving advanced technology. Transfer of technology was conducted through business alliances in the form of joint operations and joint ventures with reputable foreign companies. Significant and outstanding accomplishments which become national pride are Sukarno-Hatta Airport, Siwabessy Multipurpose Reactor, and Muara Karang Coal-Fired Power Plant in Jakarta.


    The second group comes from Astra International Group.

    The company focuses on remanufacturing heavy equipment components that will make the units belonging to its customers capable of reaching their lifetime and optimal productivity; for which purpose, the company provides superior components management solution.

    The products produced by the company include Rebuilt-Components (meaning: refurbished, remanufactured, reconditioned, repaired, and reused), Components Fabrication (as mentioned hereunder in “Range of Product Remanufacturing”), and Components Maintenance supported by competent Human Resources engaged in components production and management.


    The only non-company delegate is Mr. Tri who comes from a Reputable Training and Consulting company. He is also the only participant who took Training for trainer Master Level before but joins the certification with this batch.

    Mr. Tri’s company has a passion for excellence and operates under the highest of business and ethical standards. Since 2001, they have been entrusted by their clients to provide the most reliable training programs in the region.

    Their comprehensive portfolio comprises of more than 200-skill-building professional development courses and seminars cover a range of industries from Technical to People Skills. Their innovative and diversified range of training courses is designed and delivered by an ever-growing team of subject matter experts who are fully competent in providing solutions relevant and applicable to today’s business challenges. They pride themselves on our track record in this regard and on our long-standing relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us since they started the business.

    However, all participants are a seasoned and experienced trainer so it is easy for Ms. Hanan to guide them.


    Training of Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta-transwish

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    Even though many of them are experienced trainers, they face a bit of difficulty on the first day since not all of them are used to the SKKNI. But our trainer, Ms. Hanan uses the easiest language and simulations to make participants understand.

    The Trainers joining this event are

    • Hadi Mulyana (Construction Company)
    • Rizky Setyo Rahadi (Construction Company)
    • Fredy Andrian Purba (Construction Company)
    • Affan Affandi (Heavy Equipment Company)
    • Ajeng Kurnia P. (Heavy Equipment Company)
    • Anggi Manzano M. (Heavy Equipment Company)
    • Tri Ch. Trisnohandoko (Training and Consulting Company)


    Training for the Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta Daily activities Day One.

    On the first day of Training for the Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta, All participants’ looks excited and high spirited. First, all participants are getting refreshed on how to be a better trainer by Ms. Hanan. They must understand what to be prepared for the training.

    Ms. Hanan’s presentation and explanation are very clear and share more than what appears on their slide/presentation.

    After that, it is the first 7 Competence Units that need to be understood by all the participants. Mostly participants stumble upon the second and the sixth units from the 7.

    All participants also perform to view each other’s strengths and reducing weakness.

    This will ensure the understanding of the first 7 competency units (This fulfills participant’s competence as Scheme 1: Instruktur Pelaksana Tatap Muka (Instructor to face to face training) based on SKKNI 161/2015

    The units are

    • Memastikan Lingkungan Belajar yang Sehat dan Aman
    • Menyusun Program Pelatihan
    • Mengelola Bahan Pelatihan
    • Mengelola Media Pelatihan
    • Mengelola Peralatan Pelatihan
    • Merencanakan Penyajian Materi Pelatihan
    • Melaksanakan Pelatihan Tatap Muka


    Training of Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta Daily Activities Day Two.

    Day two is the pre-assessment day.

    As authorized BNSP assessor and registered assessor at LSP, Mr. Choise is appointed to conduct pre-assessment for this training.

    On the second day of Training for the Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP, participants coming in high spirited conditions all fresh. Participants perform the presentation they learn from Ms. Hanan earlier yesterday.

    Mr. Tri joins the group today and almost instantly made new friends.

    All participants show happier faces and ready to embrace the assessment day tomorrow.


    Training of trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta Daily Activities Last Day.

    The third day is the D day.

    Mrs. Etti is very Nice but disciplined.

    Before pray Jumat Mass, the presentation runs according to the standard,

    After the presentation / micro teaching test, all participants are gathered in the waiting room, waiting to have the interview session.

    None of the participants found the interview session hard, she is nice and discipline but take a very close and personal approach to make participants feel welcome.


    In the end, all participants are satisfied with the training, all are recommended as a competent trainer. We would like to congratulate them and we expect that we can work together in the very near future.

    Hear what Our Participants said about the training

    Once Again..Congrats to All participants…


    Wait..Wefies !!!!

    Training of Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta - wefies


    Goodluck competent trainers; Now that you are certified trainers, let’s make the differences for Indonesian workers.


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