• Training for Trainer Jakarta

    Training for Trainer Jakarta

    Training for Trainer Jakarta

    Training for Trainer Jakarta Feb 2019

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    Training for trainer Jakarta Feb 2019

    Once Again, TransWISH Indonesia successfully conducted Training for trainer at Jakarta. This training is also conducted with BNSP certification (Training for trainer sertifikasi BNSP). The event was conducted at the new TransWISH Indonesia’s Learning Centre at Wisma Pede Suite B-305. Training and certification conducted from Feb 20th – 22nd 2019.

    Trainers for this event are Ms. Hanan Muhamad and Ms. Neli Darmayanti, They are Transwish Indonesia’s young trainer “TRIIDENT” program. Ms. Novi Oktaviani is their training assistant for this Training for trainer Jakarta. Pra Asesor assigned is Mr. Luki Tantra, TUK’s senior assessor.

    From LSP BNSP, Appointed Senior Assesor is Mrs. Juni.

    The certification process started at Feb 20th with a refresh session. Just like our other Training for trainer sertifikasi, many participants are coming from HSE background. However, all participants are seasoned and experienced trainer so it is easy for Ms. Hanan and Ms Neli to guide them.


    Training for trainer -Transwish indonesia


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    Participants at this training are coming from many HSE background. Mr. Fandi Nashkihin is a lecturer at famous Oil and Gas school in Cepu. Ms. Erfa Yunita Angela Pratiwi, a young HSE officer (Srikandi) from an Oil and Gas company in Papua. Mr. Albadi Kanta Pradaya is a HSE leader from a Famous BUMN in Indonesia. Mr. Danang Windu Sari is an experienced HSE and often conduct Internal HSE training in the company he works.

    Most of the participant uses SKKNI in the field of HSE, including SKKNI 267/2015 About HSE in Oil and Gas. Also come out SKKNI Scaffolding no 214/2017’ this SKKNI replace the obsolete SKKNI Scaffolding No 211/2008

    The only non HSE background is the pretty Ms. Muspida Marpaung (Vida). She is an HR / Training officer at a well known shipping company. She is the only person use non HSE SKKNI. She uses SKKNI MSDM No. 307/2014

    Even though many of them are experienced trainers, they face a bit of confusion on the first day since not all of them are used to the SKKNI. But our beautiful trainers Ms. Hanan and Ms. Neli, once again use the simplest language and simulations to make participant understand.


    Training for the Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta Daily Activities Day One.

    On the first day of Training for the Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta, All participants’ looks excited and high spirited. First, all participants are getting refreshed on how to be a better trainer. They must understand what to be prepared on the PRE training; ON Training and POST training.

    How to do the Staging triangle; making good trainer postures, inserting jokes and yells, etc.

    Ms. Hanan dna Ms.Neli take turns and complete each other’s presentation and explanation and share more than what appears on their slide / presentation.

    After that, it is the first 7 Competence Units that need to be understand by all the participants. Mostly participants stumble upon the second and the sixth units from the 7.

    All participants also perform to view each other’s strength and reducing weakness.

    This will ensure the understanding of the first 7 competence units (This fulfills participant’s competence as Scheme 1: Instruktur Pelaksana Tatap Muka (Intructor to face to face training) based on SKKNI 161/2015

    The units are

    • Memastikan Lingkungan Belajar yang Sehat dan Aman
    • Menyusun Program Pelatihan
    • Mengelola Bahan Pelatihan
    • Mengelola Media Pelatihan
    • Mengelola Peralatan Pelatihan
    • Merencanakan Penyajian Materi Pelatihan
    • Melaksanakan Pelatihan Tatap Muka


    Training Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta Daily Activities Day Two.

    Day two is pre assessment day.

    As authorized BNSP assessor and registered assessor at LSP, Mr. Luki Tantra is appointed to conduct pre assessment for this training.

    On the second day of Training for the Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP for, participants coming in high spirited condition all fresh. Participants perform the presentation they learn from Ms. Hanan and Ms. Neli earlier yesterday.

    Mr Fandi, the class master cheers up his friends. This group is very supportive to each other.

    All participants show tremendous understanding and solid evidence to embrace the assessment day tomorrow.


    Training for Trainer Jakarta Daily Activities Last Day.

    Third day is the D day.

    Mrs. Juni is very Nice but disciplined.

    Before pray Jumat Mass, presentation runs according to the standard,

    Mr. Fandi comes up first followed by Ms. Efra. After that is Mr. Albadi, Continues with Mr. Danang. The presentation session then closed by Ms. Vida.

    After presentation / micro teaching test, all participants are gathered in waiting room, waiting to have the interview session.

    None of participants found the interview session hard, Ms. Juni is is nice discipline but take very close and personal approach to make participants feel welcomed.



    At the end, all participants are satisfied with the training, all are recommended as competent trainer. We would like to congratulate them and we expect that we can work together in the very near future.


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    training for trainer 2 - Transwish indonesia


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