• Training for Trainer Based On SKKNI Batam

    Training for Trainer Based On SKKNI Batam

    Training for Trainer Based On SKKNI Batam

    Training for Trainer Based On SKKNI Batam


    By the beginning of AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area), the need for profession certification in Indonesia is drastically increase. Many Large and Reputable companies started to certify their company’s internal instructor to improve their competitiveness and impact to the employee they teach.

    But sometimes, the pressure of “Training for Trainer sertifikasi BNSP” certification need for preparation on the training beforehand. Understanding the SKKNI, implementation and evidence required on “Training for Trainer sertifikasi BNSP” must be understood by applying a Based on SKKNI training.

    TransWISH Indonesia announces another successful Training for Trainer based on SKKNI for Indonesian Trainers, Motivators and Instructor. This time the training is held for Citra Tubindo, a well known company in Batam.

    The company engaged mainly in the oil and gas industry in Indonesia. It provides the final process in OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) which is the most important component in oil and gas drilling activities. OCTG consists of 3 main products namely Drill Pipe, Casing and Tubing. The company is headquartered in Batam was first established since 1983 and officially operated since June 1984. This company is a business pioneer in Batam Island which now has become a logistics center for the oil and gas industry throughout Indonesia. (www

    Host for this training is Transwish Indonesia Batam Branch. This training is followed by 30 (Thirty) participants from various departments. Listed departments are HR, HSE, Production and Quality.

    The event held from July 17-18th 2018 at Company’s Learning Centre in Kabil, Batam. This Training based on SKKNI uses the latest “SKKNI Nomor 161 Tahun 2015 Tentang KATEGORI PENDIDIKAN BIDANG STANDARISASI, PELATIHAN, DAN SERTIFIKASI “standard.


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    This training is lead by TransWISH Indonesia’s Head of Competence Certification Center and senior trainer Mr. Luki Tantra. CO trainers for this program are Mrs. Ryska Carolina Nababan, Ms. Neli Darmayanti and Mr. Bernardus.

    Mrs. Nababan is a BNSP Certified Trainer, Batam Branch Manager and Transwish’s In House Trainer at Batam. Ms. Neli is a Trainer and Quality Management System Certified by BNSP. Mr. Bernard is certified trainer and In house trainer for Safety and soft skill training at PT. Transafe Dharma Persada.

    Citra Tubindo’s management represented by Mr. Ahmad (HR Supervisor) and Mr.Bambang (HSE Manager). Mr. Ahmad also opens and closes the training. With this training, the company hopes that their internal trainer/ internal instructor can be more impactful on their training sessions; Met the BNSP standard for trainers and facilitate themselves for their next assessment.



    Training for Trainer Based On SKKNI Batam Day 1

    After Mr. Ahmad Opens the training, Mr. Luki took over with ice breakers. He continued by give the facts that increase understanding the importance of certified trainers by BNSP.

    The program continues by participant’s training presentation. Mr. Luki divides the class in to three classes. The first class at “The Hummer”, is led by Mr. Luki himself. Second class at “The Lexus” is led by Ms. Neli. The third Class which led by Mrs. Nababan is “The Ferrari”. Both Lexus and Ferrari stationed at the second floor while the Hummer stays in Third floor.

    All participants present the program they used to teach in their respective class. All other participant’s friend gives their marks to their friend on stage. So the scoring is based on Co Trainers and by participant.

    All participants give their best to this presentation. Co trainers give feedback for all participants. After all marks given and counted, all participants back to Hummer class for the next program.

    Before the class started, Mr Bernard and Ms Neli gives ice breakers. From COCONUT, Water Melon and the Baby shark dance. The class gets as fun as our training for trainer batam before.

    Mr. Luki Continue by a refreshing for trainers on how to improve

    • Self Mastery
    • Subject Mastery
    • Class Mastery
    • Method Mastery


    training for trainer based on skkni batam - luki tantra-citra tubindo


    Training for trainer Based On SKKNI Batam Day 2

    After ice breaking on the second day, the program started by focusing on the 7 Competence Unit on Training for trainer based on SKKNI. The 7 Units are

    1. Ensure The learning Environment To Be Healthy and Safe
    2. Set Up Training Program (Based on SKKNI)
    3. Manage Training Materials
    4. Manage Training Media
    5. Manage Training Equipment
    6. Designing Presentation of Training Materials
    7. Conduct Face to Face Training

    After that, all participants back to their respective classes to do the second training presentation. All participants seem to learn much. It shows on the scorecard that participants have increased their score.

    In this session, the best participants from each class are selected.

    At the end of the day, all three best participants from each class compete for Champion Presenter title. The Chosen One representing Hummer class is Mr. Ardhila. He is up against another two contestants: Mr. Dwi, Class Champion from The Lexus and Ms. Lisa, Winner from the fierce competition at The Ferrari.

    All three contestants give up their best presentation. They use all things they learned to impress their classmates. Mr. Ardhila uses many ice breakers and motivating spirits. Ms. Lisa uses the well known Melayu / Malay tradition of Pantun. Mr. Adi, who strong on the confidence, subject mastery and delivery made the time, elapsed fast.


    training for trainer based on skkni batam - luki tantra-citra tubindo


    Champion of Champions

    After the three contestant show themselves on the stage, the conclusion must be made. Who is the best form them all?

    The verdict by the support of the class was made. Ms. Lisa is top of the class. Runner up is Mr. Dwi and Mr. Ardhila follow on the third position.

    The class is closed by a magic show by Mr. Luki, suggesting the future is made for all participants who are ready now to take the competence test with no more barriers.

    Class is closed by Mr. Ahmad and continued by Taking photo together and souvenir for all participants.

    We hope all participants have more confidence for their future in training and will see again in the very near future.