• Training for the New Trainer (TNT) Program for Transafe Indonesia

    Training for the New Trainer (TNT) Program for Transafe Indonesia

    Training for the New Trainer (TNT) Program for Transafe Indonesia

    Second Training for the New Trainer (TNT) Program for Transafe Indonesia

    Transafe Indonesia successfully conducts their second Train the New Trainer / Training for the New Trainer program. This is the second program and parts of Internal Trainer development program:


    TRIIAD (TRansafe Internal Instructor Advance Development) Program


    This program started a few weeks ago from training Basic to advanced first aid and fire fighting. The programs also make them acquire certifications from Indonesian Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) and Indonesian Profession Certification Body (BNSP) according to their personal goals.

    From 6 persons following this program at start, only four (4) people left to join the Training for the New Trainer training.

    TransWISH Indonesia is happy being partner for Transafe’s Development program. TransWISH Indonesia was also the partner of the first Tran the New Trainer.

    This training is attended by 4 new and prospect personnel from training & operation department..

    Open the Training for the New Trainer (TNT) program is Mr. Undi Sutrisno, Transafe Indonesia’s Training & Operation Manager. Assigned Trainer is Mr. Luki Tantra, Senior trainer at TransWISH Indonesia.


    Training for the new trainer Transafe Indonesia by Transwish indonesia


    As a Health safety Environment Quality (HSEQ) training consulting and certification provider, Transafe Indonesia understands the need of internal trainer regeneration program.

    This is their second batch for Training their new trainer.


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    There are some benefits of utilizing internal training for trainer program.  According to SkillPath, They are:


    • Build self-confidence of the trainer by allowing them to take on a new or expanded role
    • Help trainers feel comfortable managing touch topics
    • Ensure the trainer effectively communicates key messages related to course material
    • Put the training into the context of the organization and improve the relevancy
    • Ensure trainers understand and utilize interactive/experiential delivery techniques properly
    • Use an internal resource to train other employees and can help form new alliances and teams
    • Help employees feel more comfortable in sharing
    • Improve employee retention by allowing them to feel like an important part of the organization


    On the business side, develop and improve trainers internally have another advantages. The advantages including higher loyalty and lower trainer cost.

    As a basic tool for trainer, Training for the New Trainer (TNT) program is designated for new trainers (or will be appointed as trainers). It will be a good benefit if these trainers are willing to take the next step to be certified trainer by the Ministry of by BNSP.



    The training in this Training for the New Trainer (TNT) program included

    • How to make good opening
    • How to make an effective training material in 10 minutes or less
    • How to make a great closing
    • How to handle difficult participant
    • Good Gesture in training
    • Etc.


    The 4 internal trainers took Training for the New Trainer (TNT) program is:

    1. Bernardus Besta Heryoga
    2. Etria Fatrina
    3. Imam Reza Nurcahya
    4. Zaenal Abidin


    Short Bios of Training for the New Trainer participants:

    Mr. Bernardus Heryoga (Bernard) sent from Transafe Indonesia Batam Office.

    Mr. Bernard joined Transafe and listed in Talent Development Program Se7en.

    Due to high volume of training requests in Transafe Batam, he was sent to follow the TRIIAD Program. With his learner attitude, he brings another flavor to Transafe Indonesia junior trainer.

    Training subjects vary from HUET, Sea survival, and some Basic safety management training.


    Ms. Etria Fatrina graduate from Environment studies, Technical faculty, Andalas University.

    As the only female participants left in the program, she shows high progress in the training delivery.

    She likes to use music and dances in her class which makes her class brighter.

    Training subjects are various Basic safety and safety management training including ISO and environment Awareness.


    Mr. Imam Reza Nurcahya is funny, love to laugh and humorous guy.

    That makes his class is different from others. His favorite icebreakers method? The popular Baby shark dance as below. Followed by other Transafe staff vailable around around the class.

    Learn to excel the HUET, Sea Survival, fire fighting and BNSP certification program.



    Mr. Zaenal Abidin is strong at the practical.

    He conquest all the operation equipment for training. He also delivers his training material traditionally but in the right timeline.

    He excel in various basic training and sea survival training

    Best participant in Training for the New Trainer

    They are all great but there should be only one winner.

    After a tight presentation and vote, we have a winner,

    Titled best participant for this Training for the New Trainer (TNT) program is Mr. Bernardus Besta Heryoga.

    Hey, he is a Besta, he should be the Besta,Right ??


    Champion gift is handled directly by Mr. Undi Sutrisno.

    Picture giving

    Congratulations for You!



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