• TOT Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta for WKC’s Internal Trainers

    TOT Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta for WKC’s Internal Trainers

    TOT Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta for WKC’s Internal Trainers

    TOT Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta for WKC’s Internal Trainers

    Wijaya Kusuma Contractor (WKC) successfully Conduct Training of Trainer with BNSp certification / TOT Sertifikasi BNSP on their Jakarta office. This training is conducted with TransWISH Indonesia. The training conducted from March 1-3rd 2017 at WKC’s Head quarter training centre (Gedung Diklat) around Menteng, Central Jakarta. This training is attended by 10 personnel, mainly project HSE Managers from various projects


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    Economic ASEAN Society (Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN/MEA) has started in 2016. In 2017, there will be a “no mercy competition” with workers from another ASEAN Country. For an employee, to have a competence certificate is one of a key point to survive in the next economic challenge. For a trainer, to have competence certificate for trainer will not just have an advantage for them, but also to differentiate them from other trainer.

    BNSP stands for “Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi” or Indonesian Profession Certification Body. BNSP is an independent body responsible to the President who has the authority as a certification authority in charge of implementing the certification of personnel and professional competence for manpower.

    Transafe Dharma Persada (TransWISH Indonesia) has been appointed by BNSP As an Authorized Assessment Centre through LSP IKI. As an authorized assessment centre, TransWiSH Indonesia is eligible to assist WKC in this training and assessment program.

    PT. Wijaya Kusuma Contractors, also known as WKC, is a privately-held Indonesian building construction company, head-quartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Since 1971, Their high standards of service, quality, and personal attention to clients interest has earned us the privilege to build some of the highest profiled, often one-of-a kind, projects in Indonesia.

    They take great pride in the many successful relationships we have built and sustained over the years with our clients and associates. From buildings to communities, from business partnerships to long-term careers; build your future with us.

    Their diverse portfolio encompasses Hospitality and Leisure, Residential, Healthcare, Industrial, Museum and Library, Educational, Religious, Commercial and Retail, and many more.

    The 10 internal trainers took Training for trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta (backlink ke tot bnsp apa sih itu) are:

    1. Cecep Sunarya
    2. Citra Kurniawan
    3. Ragil Budi Prasetyo
    4. Febrina Nathasya
    5. Nur Ahmad Wijaya
    6. Darnuji
    7. Hendra Soepriatna
    8. Supriyono
    9. Ramdan Purnama
    10. Nrimo

    Appoint as Head of The Class by all participants is Mr. Cecep.

    TransWISH Indonesia sends our Head of Assessment Centre (Ketua Tempat Uji Kompetensi), Mr. Luki Tantra as trainer. He was also involved on our previous training for trainer BNSP Purwokerto and training for trainer sertifikasi BNSP Bogor. (masing-masing backink internal)

    Appointed assessors from BNSP by LSP IKI are Mr. Priyo Harmoko and Mrs. Afifah. Mr. Priyo is LSP IKI’s Certification Manager.


    TOT Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta Day One

    This Training was opened by Mr. Cecep Sunarya, WKC’s HSE Manager. On the first day of TOT Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta, all participants are so excited to receive new training methods according to BNSP. Mr. Luki opened the training by yells that encourage participant’s spirit.

    In this day, all participants present their original way conducting the training. Each participant score their friends based on their self mastery, subject mastery, class mastery and showmanship.

    After that they have to learn the 7 (seven) competences they must fulfill before they are considered as a competent trainer. The 7 competences are:

    • Ensure the Learning Environment to be Healthy and Safe
    • Set Up Training Program
    • Manage Training Materials
    • Manage Training Media
    • Manage Training Equipment
    • Designing Presentation of Training Materials
    • Conduct Face to Face Training


    TOT Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta Day Two

    Second day, is the Pre assessment day.

    After All participants receive information how to conduct better training yesterday, today participants try to conduct according to the BNSP standard. There are only 5 partivcipants have the chance to do it and receive direct induction from Mr. Luki.


    At lunch, Ms. Tetty from BNSP come for the pre assessment session.

    Participants are strengthening the competences by practicing and understanding forms needed before conducting training. Participants also need to complete Lesson plan for their training. As a trainer, this lesson plan is important to make the training structure is firm and to accommodate training participant to understand more on the training topic.

    This is where most participants struggle. Most of them are not used to plan what lesson they want to deliver. Mr. Citra Kurniawan and Mr. Cecep come forward to aid Mrs. Tetty and to complete the forms. All participants use their laptop to work together with Mr. Cecep filling columns by columns of their training lesson plan.

    Because of the excitement,

    Class is closed At 5.30 PM. Almost all participants are done with Lesson Plan.

    To embrace the next day, Mr. Luki divides participants in two groups. The first group is led by Mr. Cecep at Squadron Alpha. While Bravo team is led by Mr. Citra Kurniawan.

    Unluckily, the other room is smaller the current room they use, so both group leader decide to draw which team stay in the big room and which team move to smaller room. They flipped a coin. What funny is the coin roll to another side of the room so all group member hurry after the coin to see what is the decision of the coin.

    At the end of the day, the coin draw resulted to Alpha squadron in current room and Bravo team in the other room. However, all team members decide to gather in current room tomorrow for opening.


    TOT Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta Day Three

    On the last day, Mr. Priyo and Mrs. Afifah act as assessor. Each assessor gets 5 participants. Mr. Priyo gets with squadron Alpha while Bravo team is taken by Mrs. Afifah.

    The processes participants need to complete are written test, Micro teaching test and interview test.

    After opening, Mrs. Afifah started with written test, while Mr. Priyo starts the assessment by micro teaching first.

    Due to the difference native of these two classes, class Alpha is left behind by class Bravo. Although they are not used to the form making before training, participants from both classes are struggling hard. At the Bravo team, a number of participants must retake their written test. At The Alpha, Mr. Darnuji who missed half the pre assessment yesterday is fighting himself to finish forms he is not done yet.

    After Friday mass,

    All participants who retake the written test is separated from the participants ready for interview session. While Mr. Darnuji on the other room is finishing his last forms.

    At 3 PM, all participants has completed all their tests and gathered at the main room for the decision.


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    TOT Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta, Closing.

    After a long and exhausting day, all participants are recommended as Competent Trainer.

    We hope that our little help to aid WKC to certify their internal trainer can support the growth of the company.


    If you or your company needs to certify your trainers with BNSP Certificate, you may follow Wijaya Kusuma Contractor’s program of TOT Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta by contacting us here