• TransWISH Indonesia Appointed to Organizes Talent Development Program 7 2017

    TransWISH Indonesia Appointed to Organizes Talent Development Program 7 2017

    TransWISH Indonesia Appointed to Organizes Talent Development Program 7 2017

    TransWISH Indonesia Appointed to Organizes Talent Development Program 7 2017

    -updated 25 April 2017-

    TransWISH Indonesia appointed again to organize Transafe Indonesia’s Talent Development Program. This is the Seventh People/Talent Development Program held by Transafe Indonesia. The event will be conduct from April 17-21st 2017.. The event will be opened by Mr. Dony Budidharma, Transafe Indonesia Director.

    Talent Development Program 7 is a series of training and induction to Transafe Indonesia‘s new employee whom recruited in the last 3 months.

    The theme for this event is: “Empower The Brigade”.

    The people development program theme changed from the previous theme: We Are Amazing Team. Older themes including “Rise of The Prime Team” and  “Rise of The Dream Team”


    Talent Development Program 7

    Talent Development Program 7

    Talent development program 7

    Talent development program 7


    Participant of this training come from various department in Jakarta Head Office and Batam branch. Departments participates in this training is including Marketing, Training and Operation, Finance, business development and Administration. Each department sent their candidates to be crafted as “The Brigade”.


    People Development Program - Photo With Trainer

    People Development Program – Photo With Trainer

    Talent Development Program 7 sneak peek

    Currently listed participants are. Ms. Emil Tesra, Marketing from Batam Branch. Ms. Atika, Finance Department; Ikmah Wati, Administration from Business Development Department. Mr. Imam Nurcahya and Zaenal Abidin Operations staff and Ms Etria Fatrina Administration Operations. Also Ms. Dini Latifa, Marketing Admin. The latter are staff from Jakarta office.

    Head office Jakarta send 6 (six) candidates in total. Batam branch only send 1 (one) candidates.

    Scheduled Training for this Talent Development Programs are:

    1. Occupational First Aid and Fire Fighting
    2. The Power of SWOT
    3. Champion Mentality
    4. Effective Time Management
    5. Amazing Team Work
    6. To Be Professional Utilizing 5W1H
    7. Excellent Personal Appearance
    8. Customer Service with Heart
    9. Winner Character Development
    10. Mini Team Building

    Some internal trainers will be involved in this training. Scheduled trainers are Mr. Dony Budidharma, Director of Transafe Indonesia. The latter was known at Effective Negotiation Skill Training. Mrs. Sri Astuti, Marketing Manager Transafe Indonesia; Mr Undi Sutrisno, Training & Operation Manager Transafe Indonesia.

    Also scheduled to train is Mr. Luki Tantra, senior trainer TransWISH Indonesia. Well known at the Training for trainer with BNSP certification program.

    Also scheduled from next generation (NXTGen) trainers are Ms. Lasa Arifiani, best trainer at Talent Development Program 6. Mr. Yoga Pratama, Best participant at PDP 6 and trainer at Rumah KAFT. Ms. Vina Rieza, Business Development Supervisor, well known at our previous projects including Advanced PID Controller, Filing System Training and Recruitment, Interviewing and Selecting Employee

    Also listed to train is Mr Hardih Airkaya Lumelle, Best trainer at the internal Train the Next Trainer (TNT) program, but waiting his schedule to leave his offshore project.

    See Exclusive Trailer here


    All People development program participants are also scheduled to spend a few moments to examine Safety training class at Transafe Indonesia training center in Jakarta. This development program will boost the performance of participant on the real day to day working environment.

    Mr. Dony Budidharma stated that this season will be different. It is not just he scheduled to share and teach in a number of classes directly, But also improving the trainers.

    Mrs. Ryska Carolina, Batam Branch Manager said:”This program is effective. I believe my crew will won it again like the previous batch.”

    Good Luck for all participants! We wish you to become The Prime Team for Transafe Indonesia.