• Talent Development Program 7 – Golden Brigades

    Talent Development Program 7 – Golden Brigades

    Talent Development Program 7 – Golden Brigades

    Talent development program 7-transafe indonesia by transwish indonesia

    Talent development program 7-transafe indonesia by transwish indonesia

    Fear The Golden Brigades !!


    Transafe Indonesia’s Talent Development Program 7 successfully conducted by TransWISH Indonesia.


    Differ from the commonly understand Talent Development Program, Transafe Indonesia’s Talent Development Program is not the program involving recruitment and HR Department program only. Transafe Indonesia’s Talent Development Program (Talent development program/TDP) is developing current new recruits and less than 3 months employees in an extensive event for the whole week.


    Check our previous talent development program


    The theme of this season is “Empower the Golden Brigades”. The event was held from April 17-21st 2017 on Transafe Indonesia’s office and training centers.

    Just like at the previous events. In this event they are given a slot to “teach”. Transafe’s internal trainer must share their experience and knowledge. This will not just develop the new talents with new knowledge. But also new talents develop the veterans.



    On the first day Mr. Dony Budidharma open the program. Mr. Dony Budidharma currently the director of PT. Transafe Dharma Persada / Transafe Indonesia (www.transafepersada.com).

    In his speech he said that this is Transafe Indonesia’s seventh event for developing employees/people inside Transafe Indonesia. This year they called it “Golden Brigades”. This season’s Talent Development Program is to focus more on the talent they have on the support role. The “brigades”, stealth team that support between departments. These talents are prepared for current company’s goal in 2017 and the next company’s grand strategy 2018-2025.

    Participant of this training come from various department in Jakarta Head Office and Batam branch. Departments participates in this training is including Marketing, Training and Operation, Finance, business development and Administration. Each department sent their candidates to be crafted as “The Golden Brigade”.

    Participants from Head Office Jakarta are Ms. Diah, Secretary, Ms. Atika, Finance Department; Ikmah Wati, Administration from Business Development Department. Mr. Imam Nurcahya and Zaenal Abidin, representing Operations staff; Ms Etria Fatrina, from Administration Operations. Also Ms. Dini Latifa, Marketing Admin. The latter are staff from Jakarta office. Transafe Indonesia Batam Branch is represented by Ms. Emil Tesra, Marketing from Batam Branch.


    Trainers for this program come from Transafe Indonesia’s staff and leaders.

    Participating Leaders as trainer in this program are Mr. Dony Budidharma, Transafe Dharma Persada Director and Mrs. Sri Astuti, Transafe Indonesia’s Marketing Manager

    Existent employees involved in giving training materials are the NXTGen (Next generation) trainer. Ms. Lasaila Arifiani, best trainer at our previous Talent Development Program 6.  Mr. Yoga Pratama, best participant at our Talent Development 6 and Rumah KAFT. Mr. Fernando Hardih Airkaya Lumelle, our winner on the Train The New Trainer (TNT) program.

    Also involve as trainer for this event is Mr. Luki Tantra, TransWISH Indonesia’s senior trainer. He is known to our training for trainer program.

    Ours truly Ms. Vina Rieza is the lead of this season’s Talent Development Program. We know Ms. Vina from Advanced PID Controller, Filing System Training and Recruitment, Interviewing and Selecting Employee.

    Also Come as Guest is Mrs. Deby from Femina Group Magazine.

    This is an online article for Transafe Indonesia’s Talent Development Program 2016. To download this article and documentation in PDF you can find the link in the last part of this note


    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program 7 Day One.

    Participant’s miss understanding Ms. Vina’s order make the opening slower than before.

    Mr. Yoga opens the program with safety induction to the new talents. This is done especially for the new recruits and those who come from another city and is their first time there.

    At the opening, Mr. Dony said that he is upset that the opening is not done according to the plan. After Mr. Dony open the program, this event continued with Mr. Yoga’s Basic Occupational Health and Safety subject. As the basic at the safety training provider, all participants must have understanding and awareness for the subject matter.


    TDP7 collage - Yoga


    The event continued with Mr. Dony’s famous SWOT program. On this SWOT Topic, all participants are instructed to analyze their SWOT to understand their talent and unleashed their true potential. Borrowing the famous book, all participants can Unleash Their GIANT within. All participants also have to know their team member’s SWOT to understand how to work together as team better.

    At Break, participants gathered to make team’s name, its special yells and appoint team captain.

    Team captain for this season is Mr. Imam Nurcahya from Jakarta. She defeats Mr. Yoga Pratama with 1 vote point. Team name for this season is “Asyik Asyik Joss”.

    The team name was derived from “Asyik” and “Jos”. Meaning that all the team members are cool and funky (asyik) but still deliver their performance (joss).


    tdp 7 collage dony swot-TALENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 7

    After that, Ms. Sri Astuti came to fill the Champion Mentality program. Of course to face today’s challenge, great employee must be competitive, good in basic skills, strong under pressure, good followership, maintain personal leadership but keeping their team work.

    Out of her training habit, Ms. Asti perform a Magic called “I can read you”
    tdp 7 collage - asti - champion mentality-TALENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 7

    At the end of the day, Mr. Luki Tantra and Mr. Dony come and stop the closing of day one. Mr. Luki was assigned to train Basic safety for forklift at another place today. He is furious to hear what happened in the morning that makes Mr. Dony Upset. After they trying to analyze where the miscommunication is, it was that Ms. Vina’s fault not to communicate and coordinate accordingly.

    Ms. Vina was called to the front of the class, in front of all participants, trainers, leaders and the special guest. If you can imagine the shame and the feeling, you may not. The picture may feel like the mid century trial where you are being trial in front of all people, either you know them or you don’t. Mr. Luki’s argument of the basic causes is unbearable. Mr. Dony is not defending Ms. Vina, but he is sorry that the leadership of the program is so weak.

    If you can feel, the tension can cut your skin.

    Even our special guest feel trapped and does not feel good still sitting there, but she is trapped.

    A minute later, Ms. Sri Astuti brought a birthday cake for Ms. Vina. The tense is fly to other directions to happiness and joy. Ms. Vina also shed some of her happy tears.

    Apparently It was all setting for Ms. Vina’s Birthday.



    talent development progrm 7 - vina rieza


    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program 7 Day Two.

    Second day started with all participants completing task and homework from Ms. Vina. They have to take pictures with security guard, building cleaning service and Transafe Indonesia’s helper. This is done to introduce their new recruit

    On the first Session, Mr. Hardih gives knowledge on Basic First Aid and Fire Prevention Plan topic.  Safety is a must to prevent workplace accident. Because accident does not happen on the field only, but accident can be happened at the office, on the trip to and from office and so on. Giving this topic to their employee is a way to raise their awareness to protect themselves from accidents.

    After break, it is Ms. Lasaila’s class: Excellent Customer Service. In this two hours session, all participants were taught and sharing on becoming a good customer service.

    NO, that is not a responsibility of a job. It is for every job.

    A customer is everyone who needs our service. It is not just client outside our company, customer also including our fellow employees inside our company.

    Ms. Lasaila also shares on how to handle complaints or angry client. Not just for marketing staff, but also as operations staff who always in contact with clients. This session will empower Transafe Indonesia’s staff to deliver better customer service to everybody.

    Of course, as a service company, Transafe must have staff with great customer service. No wonder they already have 2 award nominations at service category this year and 5 award and nominations last year.

    After lunch, this is Mr. Luki’s turn on Winner Character Development training. This is newly introduced topic in this season. In two hours, participants are introduce to Transafe’s winner character development; There are Team Work, Willingness to do more,service, Support team, no gossiping, never assume.

    We rarely seen Mr. Luki brought in motivation type training. Our training assistants who stay in class to take documentation are also surprised and forget to take pictures.

    This day is closed by Mr. Dony’s Effective Time Management session. This topic is extremely needed for every employee. With knowledge and skill for time management, employee can be more productive in their work. In the same time, they will deliver quality results of their work. They also minimize waste time on their daily job.

    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program 7 Day Three.

    Day Three is almost the same as previous people development program 2016.

    Day Three is actually a holiday in Jakarta Indonesia. This day the election for the new governor take place on the second round. The Incumbent Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (ahok)- Mr. Djarot Saiful Hidayat against Mr. Anies Baswedan- Mr. Sandiaga Uno. This will be a tight voter’s second round.

    However, this is not leisure time for the participant. At 10 AM, the special task is given to all participants. They have to make a motivational quote from pieces of daily newspaper. The “catch”? They have to make it on designated background paper color: Red, Blue and Green. They also have to take a picture with their face appears on it. This can prevent any cheats during the assignment completion.

    The second task is to make a “sword” from newspapers. The sword must be strong, long and easy to handle enough.

    It is too bad that they can’t finish the task because one of the members is unreachable due to his mobile phone break. This will heavily effect their performance the next days


    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program 7 Day Four.

    Day four started at 08.00 all participants arrived and ready at the classroom at Transafe Indonesia’s office.

    This is the day Ms Vina’s session: Personal Appearance. As best participant from the previous program, she delivers all she has for making the talents to look better in their personal appearance.

    Nope, we don’t have to be a photo model or a cover boy or girls; We don’t need to have plastic surgery, full makeup artist or expensive clothes to look good. In contrary, that thing can ruin our personal appearance if it does not apply correctly.

    Ms. Vina include the proper body language, how to make a better ties for men and some tutorial hijab for the ladies in this topic.

    Ms. Ikmah acquire present from the trainer for their activity in the class.

    The event continued with Mr. Dony’s To be Professional using 5W1H. 5W1H is a skill to analyze the What, Why, Who, When, Where and How of every situation. By mastering this skill, the participants can detect and react correctly on every situation. For Marketing, this skill can make them understand the client’s need better.

    By mastering this skill, their training operations staff can deliver better training program, while other department can significantly increase their performance

    After that, the entire participant faced with another great topic: Soul of Transafe session by Mr. Dony. This topic is empower and motivate participants further after Mr. Luki’s winner character development and Mrs. Sri Astuti’s Champion Mentality

    After finishing challenge and Lunch time. There is the game “Question Mark

    This game was a success in the previous season and will be played again this season.

    For the next two hours, all participants must answer questions that need their creative thinking, their cognitive flexibility, their judgment and decision making styles, as well as complex problem solving and Critical Thinking.


    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program 7 Day Five.


    Fifth day started at dawn.

    When participants come to the office at 6, they have to take all equipment for Mini Team Building session.

    When the team finally meets Mr. Temmy and Ms. Indri in the designated standby spot, the team building can be started.

    Outdoor event started by safety induction, praying and stretching.

    Games played are Blind Find, Samurai X, Ninja Hattori, Pinokio Rope, Lord of The Ring, Sponge Bob, and Tower of our Souls.

    Sadly, some of the challenge is not completed.

    At the Tower of Our Soul game, they requested three extra try but none of them completed. All participants get wet and dirty.

    Foto tam building




    Transafe Indonesia Talent Development Program 7 Closing Event

    After lunch, the event continued with Mr. Dony’s Dark Room which relaxes all participant and increase their heart softness.

    At the closing, best participant and best trainer title is announced. Again, the prize money is IDR 1 Million for both titles.

    Mr. Luki brings this voting and title awarding event like in an “Indonesian idol” ambience.

    For the best trainer, Mr. Yoga is voted as best trainer from all the participants. He wiped out Mr. Undi Sutrisno for no show because of leading training. He also wiped out Ms. Vina and Ms. Lasa on the first round. At the finals, he is head to head with Mr. Hardi.

    In the scrimmage of participant voting, Mr. Yoga won 2 vote ahead Mr. Hardih and titled The best trainer for talent development program 7 2017 Transafe Indonesia.

    Yoga Pratama wins the best Trainer for Talent Development Program 7  2017

    Next:  The best participant title. The title every participant waits the whole week. Whoever wins this will be very proud.

    A little about this title, the first two season was won by marketing department Jakarta; the third and fourth season was wipe out by training and operations department. The fifth season, Transafe Batam take all in all, both two best participants titles back to Batam. Sixth season won by Mr. Yoga from operations.

    Who will win this year? Would it be the finance department? Or would that be Business and Development? Can it be won by secretary? Will it back to Batam? Or title will stay in Jakarta?. If you are as excited as me, continue to read below

    On the first round, Mr. Zaenal, Ms.Ikmah, Ms. Diah and Ms. Dini eliminated with minimum voters. On the second round, Batam’s Ms. Emil and Ms. Atika from finance department are out and shall not pass to the next round.

    The status is now coned to Ms. Etria and Mr. Imam.

    As leader of the Training operations department, Mr Undi Sutrisno is very proud that his team won again and make “All Operation Finals” session

    At Final, Ms. Etria fatrina defeats Mr. Imam with one slight vote ahead.

    Now it is official:

    Ms.Etria Fatrina titled The Best participant for Talent Development Program 7 2017.


    Mr. Undi is very happy because Operations team won two titles today. Best Participant and Best trainer.

    The ceremony is closed at 8.30 PM after dinner together

    Once again: Congratulation to all title winners. We hope you can be a great entity for your team in the next future.




    Like introduced on the previous Transafe Indonesia’s Talent Development Program, There is another follow up task after program. The task is to bring the participant’s mother/father to dine together. This task remind all participant that whatever their position now, how smart they are, how strong they are, how fast they are, they are raised by a family. Father, Mother, These people must be respected and honored because raising them. Once a while, they must be spoiled and treated well.

    This follow up program is due in 1 week. Let’s wait if they can do it without crying.


    Soft copy can be downloaded at