• RSUD Karimun Service Excellence Training Opened By Bupati Karimun Aunur Rofiq

    RSUD Karimun Service Excellence Training Opened By Bupati Karimun Aunur Rofiq

    RSUD Karimun Communications for Service Excellence Training Opened By Bupati Karimun Aunur Rofiq


    Karimun Head State Mr. Aunur Rofiq opens RSUD M Sani Karimun (Karimun State Hospital) Communication to increase service excellence training. This training supported is by TransWISH Indonesia. This training conducted for 215 participants from March 26-28th 2018.


    TransWISH Batam, Indonesia – April 7th 2018

    RSUD M. Sani Karimun successfully conducts Communication Skill to Increase Service Excellence for their internal staff. This training is supported by TransWISH Indonesia. This event is oened by Head of Karimun State (Bupati Karimun) Mr. Aunur Rofiq and Hospital Director Mr. Sani Zulhadi.


    This training is followed by around 215 participants from all departments in the hospital. The event itself conducted from March 26th – 28th 2018. TransWISH Indonesia sends 2 Hospital/Communication Experts and trainers to support the event. They are Mr. Eko Winarto and Mrs Maria Qibtiyah. Also Send as Training Assistants are Mr. Bernardus Besta and Ms. Diah Ratnawati as project leader.


    “Through this training, let us provide better health services to patients. Until today, we have done it good but we need to improve the quality” Said Mr. Aunur Rofiq in the opening on Day one of the event.


    Mr. Sani stated in the opening that this training aims to bring the employees who are ready to serve with a friendly attitude and smile. What has done in the hospital now is good. It has been running with a touch of fast service, precise, friendly and smile. In this communication training will be emphasized how to provide healing services patients who are not solely because of the good medicine, facilities and health equipment.


    This training is followed by all departments in RSUD M Sani Karimun including General Doctor/practitioner, nurse, midwife, administration, security, driver, hygienist, pharmacy, laboratory and other technical personnel.


    Mrs. Ryska C. Nababan, TransWISH Indonesia West Area Manager said that thanks to RSUD Muhammad Sani Karimun who trusted the event support to TransWISH Indonesia. Hopefully what participants get on training can be implemented on their daily activities.


    Training photo documentation can be found below

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    About RSUD Karimun/ RSUD M Sani Karimun

    In line with the vision of Karimun State Regency that is the realization of Karimun District that is advanced, independent, fair and cultured based on faith and taqwa 2025, then RSUD Muhammad Sani as one of SKPD Kabupaten Karimun plays an important role in realizing the vision above.

    As one of the spearhead health services in beloved district, RSUD continuously develop themselves in accordance with the development of science and technology, especially in the field of medicine in accordance with the motto of Fast, Precise, Friendly and Smile.

    See more at RSUD M Sani Karimun Website (http://rsud.karimunkab.go.id)


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