• People Development Program 2016 successfully conducted for Transafe Indonesia

    People Development Program 2016 successfully conducted for Transafe Indonesia

    People Development Program 2016 successfully conducted for Transafe Indonesia

    People Development Program 2016 successfully conducted for Transafe Indonesia

    People Development Program season 5 2016 successfully conducted for Transafe Indonesia.

    People development program 2016 themed: “Rise of The Prime Team”. The event was held from March 7th – 11th 2016 on Transafe Indonesia’s office and training centers.

    On the first day Mr. Dony Budidharma open the program. Mr. Dony Budidharma currently the director of Transafe Indonesia

    In his speech he said that Transafe Indonesia has passed a bad time last year caused by the decline of oil and gas industry all around the world, including Indonesia.

    Like other safety training providers and oil and gas support company, Transafe Indonesia also suffer the same problem. The company even has to postponed many personnel recruitment and businesses strategies.

    But unlike other companies in the same industry, Transafe doesn’t have to forfeit payment to vendors, close any branches or outsource its man power.

    Participants are Lasaila Arifiani and Mochamad Fachrul from Marketing department; Amalia Nur Azizah, Marketing Support Admin; Shella Monica Sari, Finance department and Nurul Yusniawati from Secretary to director, Head Office Jakarta. Last but not least, Fera Makangiras from Marketing Department and Vitus Adhi Prabowo, Operation department. They both represent Batam branch office.

    Trainers participating in this program are Mr. Dony Budidharma, Transafe Dharma Persada Director; Mrs. Sri Astuti, Transafe Indonesia’s Act Marketing Manager; Mr. Panit Raharjo, Transafe Indonesia’s Instructor; Mr. Undi Sutrisno, Transafe Indonesia Senior Instructor; Mr. Luki Tantra, trainer from TransWISH Indonesia.

    This is an online report for Transafe Indonesia’s People Development Program 2016. To download report in PDF you can find the link in the last part of this note

    People Development Program Day One.

    After Mr. Dony open the program, Mr Panit continue with a few magic trick as an ice breaker. The event continued with Mr. Dony’s Soul of Transafe subject. At lunch time, participants gather to make team’s name, its special yells and appoint team captain.

    Team captain for this season is Mr. Fachrul from Jakarta. And the name of the team is Team Rainbow. After lunch, participants show their new yell in front of all available staff.

    Mr. Dony continues with SWOT session until end of the day. SWOT is short of Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. On the SWOT Topic, all participants are instructed to understand and know their SWOT to get their potential. All participants also have to know their team member’s SWOT to understand how to work together as team better.

    On the end of the day, all participants are interviewed on what they will do to face competitors in this fierce competition.


    People Development Program Day Two.

    Second day started with all participants completing task and homework from Mr. Dony’s class the day before.

    For opening and ice breaking, Mr Panit started the day with another magic trick. He plays his famous ring on the necklace trick that famous on previous training of trainer training. He puzzles all participants which compare him to a magical show in Indonesia called “The Master”.

    Mr Luki continues with Team Work topic. In this topic all participants is taken to understand the basic principle to build a team, and how to achieve it. For closing, all participants must face the Ping Pong challenge to prove their understanding of team work.

    Team work skill is needed to build a strong team to face the fierce competition in this industry.

    The challenge today is “Rush Hour”. Participant must take lunch order from all crew; Buy them with limited time in lunch time rush hour. Another challenges are, some of the food they have to process themselves; other order require them to negotiate with food stall and other people to prioritize them on the process. Another food order requires them to ride to specific food stall with specific order of scallion, fried onion, sambal, and amount of dumplings.

    After finish that task, Mr. Dony continues with Time Management topic. In this training all participants understand basic time management. To understand how to plan and prioritize job and tasks. This skill is needed on their day to day activity especially in the challenging market like these days.


    People Development Program Day Three

    Day Three is actually a national holiday in Indonesia. It is also the same day as the once every 350 years the solar eclipse can be seen in most part of Indonesia.

    However, this is not leisure time for the participant. At dawn, the special task is given to all participants. They have to make a motivational quote from pieces of daily newspaper. The “catch”? They have to make it on designated background paper color: Red, Blue and Green. They also have to take a picture with their face appears on it. This can prevent any cheats during the assignment completion.

    Amazingly they can finish the task a few minutes before the deadline.


    People Development Program - Motivational Challenge

    People Development Program – Motivational Challenge


    People Development Program Day Four

    Day four started with Safety Awareness and Emergency drill by Mr. Undi.

    This topic is very important as this make the new employees to understand how to react during emergency situation. On the emergency practical, team works it out according to plan they made.

    After that Mr. Luki takes team and conduct Leadership Class. In the opening, Mr. Luki plays a card trick using Mr. Panit’s card deck. This trick amazes the participant. At the end, Mr Luki uses his ability to guess all participants football team logo. This emulate when leadership is high, he/she can move and support his/her team as easy as understanding what they thinking.

    At Lunch time, participants have to face another mental challenge on “Make Some Noise”. They have to practice all their yells in the middle of the parking lot; on the time where the lot is full with people coming out to lunch.

    Can you imagine how they feel to have many pairs of eyes, in the middle of parking lot, watching and listening to your yells?

    This challenge is closed by taking picture together with all trainers

    People Development Program - Photo With Trainer

    People Development Program – Photo With Trainer

    Next topic is customer service from heart by Mrs. Sri Astuti. Participants are learning how to dliver a great service. Not just for external people like clients or vendors. This skill is also useful for servicing internal and inter departments.

    Mastering the skill on this topic will increase the service level.

    Clients will feel the increase after this training immediately when they try to call and interact with Transafe Indonesia’s crew after this program.


    People Development Program Day Five

    Fifth day started early after daybreak.

    Participants come at 6 AM to finish 3 tasks before they head to Mini Team Building session.

    They have to take five pictures together with Transafe Logo on the background. But there is different with one of the picture. There look like somebody else taking a picture with them. And it is probably unwanted entity which face “accidentally appears”.

    People Development Program  Photo - Challenge Photo

    People Development Program Photo – Challenge Photo

    Next is Session Mini team Building game. Mr. Panit and Mr. Luki lead the session in this program.

    Amazingly, all participants conquer all challenges and games in this session. This is the first time all games and challenges finished with 100 percent score.

    Games played from Soul of Allignment, Blind find, The Samurai, Pinokio Rope, Lord of The Ring, Ninja Hattori, Sponge Bob, Powder Power, and Bucket Tower.


    People Development Program - Mini team Building

    People Development Program – Mini team Building

    People Development Program - Mini team Building

    People Development Program – Mini team Building


    People Development Program Closing Event

    At the closing, best participant title is announced. For this year there are best participant based on trainers score and best participant voted by all fellow participants.

    Mr. Luki brings this voting and title awarding event like in an “Indonesian idol” ambience.

    For the first time after 5 seasons, Batam representative won this title. Ms. Fera from batam is titled best participant. Not one, she won both the titles. Make her the first person from Batam who get double winner titles.

    Once again, Thank you Transafe for your trust and Congratulation to Fera. We hope you can be a great entity for your team