• New Office for Better Service to Clients

    New Office for Better Service to Clients

    New and Better Office for Better services to Clients

    TransWISH Indonesia announce office move and relocation. This relocations is to deliver better services to our clients,; As well as cater the company’s growth that needs expansion.

    TransWISH Indonesia is a part of PT. Transafe Dharma Persada whom acquires many awards and nominations for its service. As Soft skill Training and People Development training and certification provider, TransWISH Indonesia also must deliver better services to its customer.

    The new office lies on the same building, same level, but with better office arrangement.


    The official Mailing address of TransWISH Indonesia now is

    Wisma Pede Suite B 301

    Jl. MT Haryono Kav 17

    Jakarta 12810

    Phone: (021) 8311 905/907


    Some of the employee and client said: it is just “the next door office”or “neighbor office”.

    The new office location in 301 will accommodate the growth of its enterprise and partner businesses, providing a stronger local presence and a more flexible and accessible venue for meetings, training and events.

    The new office situated at Wisma Pede, one of the most strategic place and easy to access by clients or training participants.

    Mr. Luki Tantra, TransWISH Indonesia senior instructor said that this new office is amazing. The office arrangement is good, the office style is good; neat and light.



    If you are our clients, our new office is easily accessed either by public transportation or private transportation.


    • If you drive a car, from pancoran Statue to Cawang, our new office is on your left side. The Gate is easily identified with Bank Mandiri logo as a tenant here.
    • If you ride a motorcycle to our new office, Go around the building and find the motorcycle parking there. This building has a private motorcycle parking in the back. Do’nt worry to get wet when it’s rain, they have parking lot with roof above it.
    • You can also go with Public Transport like Transjakarta. The Transjakarta Bus stop is right in front of our new office’s building. Just stop at BKPM Transjakarta bus stop. Use the pedestrian sky bridge and walk through the gate.
    • If you use train/Commuter line, stop at the cawang station and walk approximately 10 minutes to wisma pede, our new office’s building.
    • If you use bus or mini carries (Mikrolet), just stop in front of Wisma Pede Building.
    • If you use online transportation, just stop to the nearest place around the building.
    • In the near future, we can also come here by using the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) that currently build by the government.


    Why it is important to make our new office in this building?

    First, it is strategic.

    Our clients and our employees had the advantages of easily accessed location.

    Cheaper by public transport and more comfortable by using their private vehicles.


    New Office Transwish Indonesia

    The Amazing New Office Transwish Indonesia


    Next, it has great office arrangements.

    We have a better equipped training class. This class can accommodate small class for 5-6 person training.

    We also have a safe/ controlled door to ensure security of our training participant’s belonging. So don’t have to worry leaving your goods in the class during lunch breaks.


    New Office Promotion

    Well, of course, we have a promotion price to celebrate our new office. Call us now to our new Number below


    Wisma Pede Suite B 301

    Jl. MT Haryono Kav 17

    Jakarta 12810

    Phone: (021) 8311 905/907


    New Office Promo Transwish

    New Office Promo Transwish Click To Enlarge