• Instruktur Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta 12 Juni 2019

    Instruktur Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta 12 Juni 2019

    Instruktur Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta 12 Juni 2019

    Instruktur Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta

    12-14 Juni 2019


    TransWISH Indonesia (www.TransWISHIndonesia.com) announces another successful Instruktur sertifikasi BNSP event. The training itself conducted on our premises, TransWISH Learning Centre from June 12-14 2019.

    As an authorized Assessment Venue, we obliged to help our clients for their Instruktur sertifikasi BNSP program.

    This Instruktur Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta is using the latest SKKNI 161/2015 using scheme 1: Instruktur Pelaksana Pelatihan Tatap Muka (Instructor to face to face training). It is the replacement of the obsolete Instruktur Muda (Junior instructor) scheme.

    Trainer for this event is Mr. Luki Tantra. He is a senior trainer at TransWISH Indonesia and Transafe Indonesia’s Head of Competence Certification Center. Check other Instruktur Sertifikasi BNSP training here.

    Assessor for this event is Mr. Budiman, currently Chairman of LSP IKI and officially assigned for this program. We are delighted to have him on our premises to consider the small number of our participants.


    Participants at this training are

    Mr. Aldo, In House Trainer and seasoned freelance trainer.

    He uses SKKNI bidang MSDM No 307/2014 on his final project

    Hear What he says about our Instruktur Sertifikasi BNSP training:



    Mr. Agus Suminto and Mrs. Rina Cahya Rini. They are currently In house trainer from Yamaha, the oldest Piano Manufacturing Company in Indonesia.

    The Company’s history began when its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, repaired a broken reed organ in 1887. Shortly thereafter, he successfully completed the first reed organ to be built in Japan.

    Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd. (currently Yamaha Corporation) was established in 1887 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer by Torakusu Yamaha in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture and was incorporated on October 12, 1897. The company’s origins as a musical instrument manufacturer are still reflected today in the group’s logo—a trio of interlocking tuning forks.

    The Company has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments (including pianos, “silent” pianos, drums, guitars, brass instruments, woodwinds, violins, violas, celli, and vibraphones), as well as a leading manufacturer of semiconductors, audio/visual, computer related products, sporting goods, home appliances, specialty metals and industrial robots.

    In July 2007, The Company bought out the minority shareholding of the Kemble family in Yamaha-Kemble Music (UK) Ltd, Yamaha’s UK import and musical instrument and professional audio equipment sales arm, the company being renamed Yamaha Music U.K. Ltd in autumn 2007. Kemble & Co. Ltd, the UK piano sales & manufacturing arm was unaffected.

    On December 20, 2007, The Company made an agreement with the Austrian Bank BAWAG P.S.K. Group BAWAG to purchase all the shares of Bösendorfer, intended to take place in early 2008. Yamaha intends to continue manufacturing at the Bösendorfer facilities in Austria. The acquisition of Bösendorfer was announced after the NAMM Show in Los Angeles, on January 28, 2008. As of February 1, 2008, Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH operates as a subsidiary of Yamaha Corp.

    Yamaha Corporation is also widely known for its music teaching program that began in the 1950s.

    Yamaha electronics have proven to be successful, popular and respected products. For example, the Yamaha YPG-625 was awarded “Keyboard of the Year” and “Product of the Year” in 2007 from The Music and Sound Retailer magazine.[18] Other noteworthy Yamaha electronics include the SHS-10 Keytar, a consumer-priced keytar which offered MIDI output features normally found on much more expensive keyboards.

    They also use SKKNI bidang MSDM No 307/2014 on their final project.


    Hear what Mr. Agus and Ms. Rina Says About Our Instruktur Sertifikasi BNSP

    Instruktur Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta Daily Activities 

    On the first day of Instruktur Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta training, All participant comes to the training excited and hopeful. After that, all participants are getting refreshed on how to be a better trainer. They must understand what to be prepared on the pre-training; ON Training and POST training.


    Instrutur Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta 12-14 Juni 2019

    Instrutur Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta 12-14 Juni 2019


    Today’s training assistant is Ms. Fitriana. She opens the class with funny ice breaking. Also, come to the class is Ms. Chici Finta. She brought the Gyomi dance as she had on our Comprehensive Management Advanced Leadership Skill Training.

    All participant also introduced to SKKNI 161/2015 and SKKNI they use on their day to day training activities.

    On the second day of Instruktur Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta, it is the pre-assessment day; all participants are required to complete evidence to prepare for the next day’s assessment. This evidence is required to meet the 7 (seven) trainer competencies according to the latest BNSP Trainer standard SKKNI 161/2015.

    Differ from other batches of our TOT sertifikasi BNSP, this batches completed their document task on the first day and checked by the end of day two. And it is almost 100% perfect. Some say it is because the methods Mr. Luki do at this batch, others said that it is because this batch is done in a semi-private way, others say that the participants have gifts.

    Mr. Luki Tantra when asked this responded that it is not him to be credited for. He did the easiest task, directing great and naturally competent trainers to prepare the evidence.

    The second day closed with Mrs. Etria, Mr. Luki’s Co Trainer today, practice a magic trick. She successfully guesses a number from 10 numbers. Some say the odd combination for this number guessing game is 1:30.

    On the last day of TOT sertifikasi BNSP, participants coming in high spirited condition all fresh. Mr. Aldo comes up first the Microteaching assessment followed by Mr. Agus and Ended by Ms. Rina. After the microteaching test, all participants are gathering in the waiting room, waiting to have the interview session.

    None of the participants find the interview session hard, confusing or intimidating, participants thanks for two days of training in advance to broaden their mind and prepare for the assessment day.


    testimoni Instruktur Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta 12-14 Juni 2019Slide1



    After individual interview sessions, every participant went back to wait in the waiting room. They will call to hear their recommendation in person by Mr. Budiman.

    The day closed with the official announcement that All participants are recommended as Competent Trainer. After that, of course, the official wefie pictures



    If you or your company needs to certify your trainers with BNSP standard, you may request our Instruktur Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta schedule or request for in house training by contacting us below.


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