• Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan

    Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan

    Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan

    Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan – Jakarta



    Transwish Indonesia successfully aid their client’s employee development program, This time, it’s Training for Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP  Master Trainer (Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan) for their Palm Oil Based Clients.

    The Company is one of the leading integrated palm oil-based consumer products companies in Indonesia that is committed to sustainable palm oil production. The Company’s oil palm plantations cover more than 138,000 hectares (including plasma).

    Their main activities are planting and harvesting oil palm trees, processing fresh fruit bunches (FFB) into palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel, and processing CPO into value-added products such as cooking oil, margarine, shortening, biodiesel and oleo chemistry, and product trading palm oil based throughout the world. Company also operates 16 palm oil mills, 5 palm kernel processing plants and 4 refining plants in Indonesia. In addition to bulk oil and industry,

    The Company derivative products are also marketed with various brands such as Filma and Kunci Mas. At present, these brands are recognized for their quality and have a significant market share in their respective segments in Indonesia.

    This training conducted from Nov 26-30th  2018 at TransWISH’s Premises at Surveyor Building, South Jakarta. Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan training is conducted for the company’s internal Trainer team. This team come from Jakarta and projected to conduct training at Sites all around Indonesia.

    The three Training Participants are

    Mr. I Gede Yudha. He is a Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) expert. The leader of this group. He is well known in one of the biggest HSE Community (HSE Indonesia)

    Mr. Ardian Riski.  He serves the company more than 6 years. A seasoned internal trainer; Even though he is in young age. He is an expert in HSE training and often asked to train to company’s remote areas.

    Ms. Febriana Supriani. She has long service and loyalty at the company. She is an expert in HSE including ISPO and RSPO training material.

    Will join in the last days are The Training for trainer sertifikasi BNSP – Instruktur Tatap Muka Scheme.


    Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan First Day

    First Day. The traffic seems not friendly. Some of the participants and trainer come a little late. Luckily, all participants all fired up and energetic.

    Assigned trainer for this project is Mr. Luki Tantra. Training Assist for this project is Mr. Imam Reza, a competent trainer.

    Check our other program lead by Mr Luki here 

    Mr. Luki also describe about the future need for competence certification and some regulations that enforce the need of BNSP certification for trainer.

    After that, it is the first 7 units from 15 Competence Units that need to be understand by all the participants. Mostly participants stumble upon the second and the sixth units from the 7.

    This will ensure the understanding of the first 7 competence units (This fulfills participant’s competence as Scheme 1: Instruktur Pelaksana Tatap Muka (Instructor to face to face training) based on SKKNI 161/2015


    The units are

    • Memastikan Lingkungan Belajar yang Sehat dan Aman
    • Menyusun Program Pelatihan
    • Mengelola Bahan Pelatihan
    • Mengelola Media Pelatihan
    • Mengelola Peralatan Pelatihan
    • Merencanakan Penyajian Materi Pelatihan
    • Melaksanakan Pelatihan Tatap Muka



    Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan Second Day

    Second day at Training for trainer sertifikasi BNSP: Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan; it is time for the next 4 competence units to fulfill the competent at scheme 2: Instruktur Pengembangan Pelatihan (Development Instructor).

    The Training Needs Analysis is very important to trainers to understand more of the training delivery. This also aid trainers to plan and deliver better training.

    After that, as yesterday, the consultation continues after training hours to build and collect evidences from the participants.

    Differ from any other batches of our Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan Sertifikasi BNSP, participants work as a team and very supportive to each other. All document tasks excluding the slide material are done on day two. It looks like because this batch is also done in a Mini class / private class.

    The Units in the second day are

    • Menentukan Kebutuhan Pelatihan Mikro
    • Menentukan Kebutuhan Pelatihan Individu
    • Mendesain Media Pembelajaran
    • Mengembangkan Informasi Pelatihan Melalui Media Cetak
    • Mengembangkan Informasi Pelatihan Melalui Media Elektronik


    Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan 2=web

    Third Day of Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan

    Third day of Training for Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan, it is time for the last 3 competence units to fulfill the competent at scheme 3: Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan (Training Supervisory Instructor).

    This is the last 3 competence units to fulfill by all the participants.

    The Ultimate competence inquires participants to be trainer who can monitor, evaluate, give corrections to improve their training (about trainers, venue, the delivery, etc). This can lead to continuous improvement to their trainings. This will also make them to be top of mind to their clients.

    The Units in the third day are

    • Memonitor Pelaksanaan Pelatihan
    • Melakukan Tindakan Korektif Pelaksanaan Pelatihan
    • Mengevaluasi Pelaksanaan Suatu Program Pelatihan



    Forth Day of Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan

    Day four is pre assessment day.

    At The fourth day dawn, all participants already gathered at the class and submit their task to Mr. Imam.

    As authorized BNSP assessor and registered assessor at LSP, Mr. Luki Tantra is appointed to conduct pre assessment for this training.

    On the fourth day of Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan Sertifikasi BNSP, participants coming in high spirited condition all fresh. This might especially because of three more friends join them today.

    This three person taking Scheme 1: Instruktur Pelaksana Tatap Muka (Instructor to face to face training from other class taught by Mr. Iyan Adnan.


    Those Three people are

    Mr. Aries Rasprinarto. He is a seasoned HR practitioner and Trainers. He owns a training provider in Java and intended to expand it further. But the government requires all training provider in his area of expertise to have a Trainer with BNSP Certification.

    Mr. Hanoch David Wattimena. He has more than 30 years in HSE industry. He used to train safety all around the globe where his company has branches. He required by his employer to train in foreign country, but tht country require him to have BNSP Certification to continue.

    Ms. Hanan Farhan Muhamad, TransWISH’s Marketing & Training Supervisor. We know her from many project before, including represent Transwish Indonesia at Kongres Nasional Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Kompeten / GNIK


    There are no gap and relationship between the two groups. Mr. Luki have the assimilation program nicely. Luckily, Mr, Yudha know Mr. David. Mr, Yudha Also know Mr. Aries’s previous colleague in the HSE department.

    “Instruktur Pengawas Pelatihan” Participants practice and perform the presentation of the Second and Third Scheme today. While “Instruktur tatap Muka” practice build the evidence.

    As a seasoned expert, Mr. Ares and Mr. David directly grab attention in the class about training in their expertise.

    At the end of the day, there are “Magic Battle”. Mr. Aries Shows his card deck magic ending followed by Mr, Yudha’s Football Team /Champion’s League Magic Guess. Mr. Luki also play his Future Game. And late in the afternoon, Mr. Luki teach Ms. Hanan how to cut a pencil with paper money like he did here

    At the end of the day,

    All participants show tremendous understanding and solid evidence to embrace the assessment day tomorrow.


    Fifth day is the D day.

    Assesor for this day is Mrs. Novi , a senior assessor from BNSP.

    Ms. Febriana comes up first the Micro teaching/Presentation assessment followed by Mr. Rizki. Next presenter is Ms. Hanan continue with Mr Yudha. Mr Aries is next and Mr. David close the presenter time. After presentation / micro teaching test, all participants are gathered in waiting room, waiting to have the interview session.

    None of participants found the interview session hard, Mrs. Novi is very soft and gentle and take very close and Personal approach in the ice breaking the participants.

    The day closed with official announcement from the assessor that All participants are recommended as Competent Trainer.

    All the participants thanks for Three days training in advance and 1 day pre assessment with Mr. Luki to broaden their mind and prepare for the assessment day.


    Here what they say about training in TransWISH Indonesia




    In the end of the program, all participants give feedback on this training as great for the improvement of their skill and knowledge in their daily training practice.

    Congratulations for All Participant and may all of you be  a better trainer !!


    We look forward to assist PT. Sinarmas and SMART Tbk for their other program in the very near future.

    If you or your company need a partner to aid in your company’s training and people development program like PT. Sinarmas and SMART Tbk; Please don’t hesitate to contact us below

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