• GNIK – Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Kompeten

    GNIK – Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Kompeten

    GNIK – Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Kompeten

    Transwish Indonesia at Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Kompeten


    Transwish Indonesia Actively participates in GNIK (Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Kompeten / Indonesia Competent National Movement) congress. The event was held at Birawa Ballroom, Bidakara Hotel, South Jakarta at November 21st 2018. This is the first national congress held by GNIK and invitations are estimated more than 1000 participants.

    The congress opened by Secretary General from Indonesian Ministry of Manpower Mr. Khairul Anwar. Mr. Khairul Anwar representing Indonesian Ministry of Manpower: Mr. Hanif Dhakiri. The opening of the congress was symbolically marked by beating the gong.

    The congress title is “Transformasi Ketenagakerjaan Indonesia Menyongsong Era Industri 4.0″ or “Indonesia’s Employment Transformation towards Industry Era 4.0”. The congress aims are Industry Transformation Strategy, Job Future Map and Manpower Planning according Mr. Yunus Trionggo, GNIK initiator.

    Participants are coming from Government representatives, Professional Association, Industry Association, APINDO, KADIN, BNSP, Academics, Professional Training Institutions (LDP), Professional Certification Institutions (LSP), Training providers, HR Communities, HR Management Practitioners and Experts in Indonesia.


    TransWISH Indonesia at GNIK – Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Kompeten

    GNIK - Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Kompeten


    As one of the respected Training providers in Indonesia and Authorized Competence Assesment Venue (Tampat Uji Kompetensi Resmi / TUK) from BNSP, Transwish Indonesia register and get invited to the congress. This is one more step to increase the number of competent personnel / employee in Indonesia.

    TransWISH Indonesia represented by Ms. Hanan Farhana Muhamad, Transwish Indonesia’s Marketing & Training Supervisor and Ms. Tiara Transwish, Transwish Indonesia’s Senior Training Advisor. Due to the rules of the congress, one person only allowed to attend one concurrent.

    Also participates our other Business Company like LSP Transafe and Transafe Indonesia.

    Check our short documentation below:


    GNIK – Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Kompeten Speakers

    According to the Proposal, speakers are coming from practitioners and Executives. They are divciding in to rooms called concurrent. The speakers are:


    GNIK Concurrent 1 – Coordination of Education and Industrial Curriculum

    • Joko Baroto – HRD Head – PT Astra Daihatsu Motor
    • EndangTri – Head of HCM & Corporate University -United Tractor (UT) School
    • Hardijanto Saroso – Dean – Binus University Undergraduate Program
    • Franky Supriadi – Director of Graduate Program – Prasetya Mulya Business School


    GNIK Concurrent 2 – Competency Development and Apprenticeship

    • Bob Azam – Direktur Corporate & External Affairs, Technical Government Affairs, and Administration – PT TMMIN (Advisory Committee –GNIK)
    • Satrio Lelono – Dirjen Binalattas – Kemnaker RI
    • Volker Schmid – Head of Asia Pacific Sales Region Asia – FESTO
    • Lianawaty Suwono – Direktur – Bank BCA


    GNIK Concurrent 3 – Transforming The Role Of Hr Practitioners In Facing The Industrial Revolution 4.0

    • Setyono Djuandi Darmono – CEO -Jababeka
    • Tuhiyat – Direktur Keuangan dan Administrasi – MRT Jakarta
    • Herdy Rosadi Harman – HCM Director -Telkom
    • Irvandi Ferizal – HR Director – Maybank Indonesia (Steering Committee –GNIK)



    About GNIK – Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Kompeten

    The Competent Indonesian National Movement (GNIK) is a national open platform that aims to embrace all relevant stakeholders in Human Capital Development. It consist of the Government, Professional Associations, Industry Associations, APINDO, KADIN, BNSP, Academics , Professional Training Institute (LDP), Professional Certification Institution (LSP), Practitioners and HR Management Experts in Indonesia. It aims to move together to improve the competence of Human Resources and encourage national competitiveness. In carrying out one of its programs, GNIK collaborated with the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower’s National Vocational Training Committee (KPVN) to open up a national apprenticeship program for job seekers to be able to compete and gain recognition through competency certification.


    About TransWISH Indonesia

    TransWISH Indonesia is a Leading Authorized Training Provider specializes in Training for Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP, soft skill training and People Development Program. People Development Programs Included in the service are Training of Trainer, Leadership skill, Management skill, Professional skill, Consulting, Certification and Team Building .


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