• Cost Reduction Strategy –Why Companies Need That?

    Cost Reduction Strategy –Why Companies Need That?

    Cost Reduction Strategy –Why Companies Need That?

    Cost Reduction Strategy

    Why Companies Need That?


    Cost reduction strategy training - Transwish Indonesia

    TransWISH Indonesia successfully conducts Cost Reduction Strategy Training earlier this month of May. Training was followed by our client, a well known pipe producer. The company produce high quality uPVC/PE pipe since 1979.

    Trainer for this training is Mr. Dwi Susilo or better known as Dwi Batman. Training conducted from May 3-4th 2018 at TransWISH Learning Center, South Jakarta. Also come from our sister company – Transafe Indonesia’s Ms. Chici Chan from Finance Department.

    Despite of the small number of participants, the class is very active with questions and answers flying in discussions like boxer throwing punches.

    You can check some of the training documentations here

    But Why Companies Need Cost Reduction Strategy Training?

    According to Chron, Even businesses that are profitable can benefit from cost reduction strategies to create an even higher profit margin on its products or services. Businesses have several options in reducing the costs of the business without sacrificing the quality of its service.

    Cost reduction strategy can be implemented in almost every aspects of the company. But how companies do it correctly?. Deloitte said half of the companies that have recently been surveyed indicate that their cost programs did not meet the required objectives. Radical changes to cost structure can be triggered by liquidity and revenue compression, or the desire to free up cash for reinvestments and chase profitable growth.

    Other factors that drive companies to focus on cost reduction as a strategic priority include growing competitive pressures, market uncertainty and volatility, cautious external borrowing, continued expansion in developing markets, and increasing cost of regulatory and environmental compliance.

    This Article from Huffpost amplifies what our training echoed:

    • Expense category
    • Product Category
    • Geographical Category
    • Service Category


    How TransWISH Indonesia Can Aid Your Cost Reduction Strategy Program

    As said above, companies need to cut cost now and then, here and there. Especially in This VUCA era in Indonesia.

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    TransWISH Indonesia can help your cost reduction strategy program either by consulting. That assisted by our experienced consultants. Or, to gain insights and awareness to more people, we can do in house training at your premises.

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