• Comprehensive Secretary Skill Training for Timor Leste Bank

    Comprehensive Secretary Skill Training for Timor Leste Bank

    Comprehensive Secretary Skill Training for Timor Leste Bank

    Comprehensive Secretary Skill Training for Timor Leste Bank

    Again, Transwish Indonesia successfully aid their client’s employee development program, This time, it’s a semi in house training type for Banco Nacional de Comércio de Timor-Leste (BNCTL), a well known bank in Timor Leste.

    This Comprehensive Secretary Skill training conducted for the company’s VIP team. The VIP team’s Comprehensive Secretary Skill training divided in to 2 batches.


    Comprehensive Secretary Skill - BNCTL - Timor Leste 2

    Comprehensive Secretary Skill Training First Class

    The first batch is done at 17 – 21 Sept 2018. Training conducted at TransWISH Indonesia’s training center at Graha surveyor, Gatot subroto, South Jakarta. Lead Trainer is Mrs. Maria Qibtiyah. Since this program is conducted for 5 (Five) Days, More than 1 trainer is needed.

    Second trainer for this program is Mrs. Ryska Carolina Nababan and Ms. Dita Alma. Guest Trainer is Mrs. Yuni, coming for sharing her expertise in Secretarial job.

    Assistant for this training are Ms. Etria Fatrina and Ms. Amelia Ari Putri.

    At the end of the program, participants are very happy to learn new things and expect to practice it on their workplace and daily activities.

    You can see our Training programs with Mrs. Maria Qibtiyah.

    You Can watch this Comprehensive Secretary Skill training testimonial at our Youtube Channel here:




    Comprehensive Secretary Skill Training Second Batch

    The second batch of this training conducted at 15 – 19 Oct 2018. Again, the Comprehensive Secretary Skill training is lead by Mr. Maria Qibtiyah. Her second trainer is Mr. Fachrie Firdaus.

    They are assisted by Ms. Nia, and Ms. Putri Lavenia.

    This time, training conducted at TransWIsH Indonesia’s Training center at Wisma Pede Suite B 301, South Jakarta. Agin, at the end of the program, participant said that they are satisfied and look forward to share her experience to her co worker and friends.

    You can watch this Comprehensive Secretary Skill training testimonial at our Youtube Channel here



    During this training, all participants learn the tools/technique for making themselves as a great secretary as follows:

    Self Development, Expertise & Career Path Selection for Professional Secretary.

    • Providing insight and professional secretary understanding with competence,expertise, knowledge and high morale so that they are able to answer the challenges and demands of professionalism.
    • Understanding the Service Excellent concept with CARRE in 3C’s model in order to become a secretary who is always energetic & happy.


    Effective Communication and Negotiation Techniques: Understanding the Behavior of Bosses, Colleagues, Suppliers and Other External Parties to Get Full Cooperation.·

    • Understand how to communicate effectively with superiors, colleagues, and externally.
    • Professional communication and building working relationships with superiors and  corporate organizations as a whole.·
    • Facing complaints from superiors/colleagues by telephone.·
    • Use the phone efficiently to resolve supervisor complaints.·
    • Simulation 

    How to Manage Relationships (Relationship) with Directors and Managerial Levels and Public Relations with External Key Parties.

    • (Journalist, government, community figure, bureaucracy generally)
    • Participants are taught to be able to communicate effectively using the technique: Emulate, match, Lead (Tiru, Samakan, Pimpin).
    • Good communication and liked by the other person only with the first 5 minutes.
    • Learn the 5 main body languages ​​that must be considered when communicating.
    • Participants can convey their intentions and objectives effectively because participants know how information enters the brain through three main pathways: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic.


    Effective Communication·

    • What is Communication·
    • Human Approach·
    • Factors which Affect Communication·
    • Body Language·
    • Treat oral and written communication·
    • Why there’s a communication blocking?·
    • How to get to know your audience?·
    • How to write an informative memo?·
    • How to take care of difficult questions?·
    • When is the best time to convey bad news, especially to your Boss?·
    • Simulation

    Exercise: Professional Communication Skills ala NLP.

    • Participants understand how to communicate well using the telephone.
    • Participants understand how to handling incoming and outgoing call
    • Participants can make scripts using the phone effectively and more professionally.
    • Participants learn the sound characteristics of each person.
    • Simulation

    Corporate Event Management for Secretaries (Meeting, Socialization, Launching, Gathering, Press Conference).

    • Participants understand the design and forms of spatial planning for meetings, annual plans, GMS, socialization of company activities and training
    • The role of a secretary becomes an MC in a company event.


    Document & Filing Management Based on the ALFRED System.

    • This session provides participants with knowledge about the skills in making file recap of various documents they manage.
    • Skill to recap the files for the participants are expected to be able to quickly find the file again when the boss, co-worker, or for other activities that require the file.
    • Participants can classify files, rate files, create ALFRED tables from files that make it easier for them to find the file again, distinguish dynamic archives and static files, create file retention schedules and other skills in managing files.
    • Simulation

    Activity Management and Effective Time (Self Synchronization and Bosses)

    • How to make the Minutes of Meeting well and correctly
    • How to make a work matrix (prioritizing work that is normal, urgent and very urgent)

    Stress & Energy Management : Motivational Charge Up

    • As a professional secretary must be able to manage time effectively with Time Box-ing
    • How can a secretary provide excellent service?
    • What things are needed for a secretary can provide excellent service?

    Archive Management Techniques

    • Participants can to make electronic archives.
    • Manage Archives
    • Key to Successful management of Archives and Data Base
    • Manage inbox and Outbox Mail
    • Simulation

    Meeting Arrangement

    • Planning a Meeting
    • Minutes of Meeting


    In the end of the program, all participants give feedback on this training as great.

    A little info about this Bank (BNCTL):

    Timor Leste is a country located in Southeast Asia, northwest of Australia in the Lesser Sunda Islands at the eastern end of the Indonesian archipelago. Timor Leste has large as large as 14.874 km2 with as 1.176 million population most of them are farmer.

    Banco Nacional de Comércio de Timor-Leste (BNCTL) was established in July 2011 and is fully owned by the Government of Timor-Leste. Its mission is to provide financial services to Timorese people living in both rural and urban areas across the country in order to eradicate poverty in Timor-Leste through financial instruments.

    BNCTL has come a long way since it was upgraded to Timor-Leste’s first commercial bank, delivering banking services to people in rural and urban areas, while contributing to economic growth and development,


    We look forward to assist BNCTL for their other program in the very near future.

    If you or your company nearby this company’s area need a partner to aid in your company’s training and people development program.

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