• 3 Ways To Handle Chatterbox in Your Training

    3 Ways To Handle Chatterbox in Your Training

    3 Ways To Handle Chatterbox in Your Training

    3 Ways to Handle Chatterbox in Your Training


    Sometimes when we conduct training, either it is internal or external training, we have a few chatterbox between our participants. These people can’t stop talking, mumbling and chatting with the people next to them.

    If we not stop them, they will disturb other people and affect other participant. This will make our training concentration disrupted. We can use a straighter tactic. We can talk to them to volume down or silent during training or even ask them to get out of the class to take a break. If they mistakenly accept it, they may get mad or even furious. This will make our training atmosphere feel bad or the trainer and for other participants.

    So is there any smoother way to handle these chatterboxes?

    According to Mr. Luki Tantra there are 3 ways to handle this type of people.


    First, Speak Close to them

    The first tactic is to stand and speak near them.

    You need to walk by still delivering your training material. And you stop beside them while continue delivering your training. All eyes will go wherever you go. And if you stand beside them, they will feel all eyes are looking t them too. BOOM! Instant Shut up.


    What you need

    A strong signal on your microphone and your pointer


    Key Performance

    Keep it like your ordinary delivering method. Do not show that they are being targeted. Keep your eye contact to other participants.



    Second, Ask a Question

    No. Not like your typical, old school first grade teacher.

    Your old school teacher will ask directly to gun down the target. Usually with a very-hard-to-Answer question.

    You do not ask the chatterbox target. You ask a question to somebody near them.

    Mostly, if you have somebody asked by the trainer, you will see who he/she ask. The effect will not be different with number one. Once they feel that everybody is look at them (even it is actually other people next to them) BOOM !! Another silence.


    What you need

    A sharp eye to see a second target next to your original target.


    Key Performance

    From Mr. Luki’s experience it is better to ask the second target with something easy like “what is their opinion about something” or ask them to mention some key points from our training material.


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    Third, Participant Participation

    Last but not least, get them in some participant participation.

    Move them. Make them dancing. Make them do something. Make them happy.

    Some people get bored and tired to sit all the time. That maybe the cause why they start chatting.


    What you need

    A routine with funny music and tempting tune. Minimum you can do? Chicken Dance.


    Key Performance

    Join to move with them. It will increase their trust to the trainer.

    Even better, show them you are still energetic after all the training delivery.

    Make them feel your VIBE.



    About Train The New Trainer

    Train The New Trainer (TNT) is a new program launched at January 2017 by TransWISH Indonesia. This program aimed to new trainer or people who will get promoted to company’s internal trainer.

    At February 2017, this program is on promotion price for public training. For the first public, the promo price is less than IDR 1 Million and all participant Receive IDR 2.500.000 Bonus. TransWISH Indonesia successfully conducts Training New Trainer (TNT) with promo price at February 9th 2017.

    However, since most participants come from a major Oil and Gas Company, the company drags their participants in to In House training. This left a few participants to do the public training.

    For us, it is about the client, so we keep conducting the public training as scheduled.


    3 Ways To Handle Chatterbox in Your Training-TransWISH Indonesia

    The Happiness of Train The New Trainer program


    We thank you our participant Mr. Akhmad Hersapto from Indonesian Red Cross’s volunteer and Mr. Hary Nuryanto from a major construction company.

    We believe our training will give you more insights and information to conduct your training better.

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